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Introduction to Database: Your job as a researcher is going

Customer Question

Introduction to Database:
Your job as a researcher is going great. You have a deep understanding of the tables and underlying data related to student records. You have taken over the reporting duties that at one point belonged to several different departments. You know have learned from your newbie mistakes and have developed tools and techniques that drastically reduce the time to compile reports and spot bad data.
You are now regularly requested to attend committee meetings to share your knowledge. At one of these meetings you strike up a conversation with the department head that used to handle a lot of the reporting. They understand the difficulties you have in getting good reliable data. As you two commiserate the topic of graduates comes up. The department head laments that there is no way to determine which campus students graduate from. You are puzzled by this statement because you ran reports in the past that listed this information.
You decide to do some research on this. You find the graduates table and locate a field that stores location data. The data dictionary states this field holds the campus the student received their degree from. You query the field and notice that there are no nulls and multiple campuses are listed. You are fairly certain that this data is correct but you have been burned before so you decide to make some calls. After playing phone tag you find the person who is responsible for populating this field. They know the exact field you are talking about because it was only about a year ago that they noticed it existed. Before then they were accepting the field default value which was the campus they first attended.
Your college offers many convenient locations and a large selection of distance learning courses. From a database perspective each physical site has a Campus_Code associated with it. Distance education courses are not attached to a physical campus and are instead given a campus_code. Unlike some other colleges student may freely take classes at any campus without needing to apply to that campus. Because of the highly mobile population it is not unusual for a student to start at one campus (campus A), take the majority of classes at another campus (campus B), and finish their degree while taking classes at multiple campuses (campus A, B, and C).
Based on this information prepare a post that addresses the following:
1) What recommendation(s) would you make to the college’s executives to address this issue going forward?
2) Choosing which campus a student belongs to is one of the basic requirements for almost all reports related to colleges. If you needed to assign students to only one campus what method would you use and why?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  ATLProg replied 1 year ago.

.hello by when you need this done

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Tomorrow Afternoon
Expert:  ATLProg replied 1 year ago.

Please review updated offer

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
No thank you
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Expert:  ATLProg replied 1 year ago.

Yes looking at effort

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