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Lab 8 Handout.docx this is the question and this is what i

Customer Question Lab 8 Handout.docx this is the question and this is what i tried so far but i don't know how to read their information from a file (called data.txt) and store them into the objects #include "student.h" #include
int main() { student s1,s2,s3; ifstream in; ("Data.txt"); s1. return 0; } ----------------------------- #include using namespace std; class student { private: string fname; string lname; int id; double gpa; public: student(); student(string,string,
int, int); ~student(); void setFname(string); string getLname(); void setLname(string); string getLname(); void setID(int); int getID(); void setGPA(double); double getGPA(); void print(); void honorList(); }; student::student() { fname = " "; lname=" "; id
= 0; gpa = 0.0; } student::student(string f,string l, int a, double g) { setFname(f); setLname(l); setID(a); setGPA(g); } void student::seFname(string f) { if(s.length() >= 2) fname = f; } string student::getFname() { return fname; } void student::setLname(int
l) { lname = l; } int student::getLname() { return lname; } void student::setGPA(double g) { if(g >= 0 && g <= 4) gpa = g; } double student::getGPA() { return gpa; } void student::print() { cout << "Name: " << fname << lname<= 3.5) cout << name << " is on
the honor list" << endl; else cout << name << " is NOT on the honor list" << endl; }*/
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Ingo U replied 1 year ago.


if you could upload the complete file you have so far, I can likely fix it for you.

Were you given the data.txt file as well or do we get to make it up?

Ingo U