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Question 1 of 20 Basic physical security equipment consists

Customer Question

Question 1 of 20
Basic physical security equipment consists of all of the following items EXCEPT:
A. locks.
B. lights.
C. webcams.
D. alarms.
Question 2 of 20
The three basic lines of physical defense at an airport include all of the following EXCEPT:
A. perimeter.
B. buildings.
C. aircraft.
D. restrooms.
Question 3 of 20
The initial step in any risk-assessment program is:
A. to determine where the airport is most vulnerable.
B. to determine where the airport is most secure.
C. to get the funding for the most sophisticated and expensive equipment.
D. to hire the best security company.
Question 4 of 20
In the past, the primary means of gaining access to a controlled area was:
A. to have the right key.
B. to be wearing whatever was considered to be the ramp uniform.
C. to have the correct password.
D. to show the right hand signal. Reset Selection
Question 5 of 20
__________ are the oldest means of security in use; the Egyptians used them more than 4,000 years ago.
A. Passwords
B. Seals
C. Locks
D. Bodyguards
Question 6 of 20
In 1000 BC, __________ required servants to wear rings engraved with unique intricate designs identifying palace areas they were permitted to enter, and this method is credited as the first access control system.
A. the Romans
B. Greece
C. France
D. the Chinese
Question 7 of 20
A __________ electronic lock will remain unlocked when the power is off and is usually used on doors in the path of a fire exit.
A. magnetic strip
B. Wiegand
C. failsafe
D. secure
Question 8 of*****of the future in the field of access cards is:
A. Wiegand.
B. optical memory cards and smart card technology.
C. magnetic strip and proximity cards.
D. failsafe locks.
Question 9 of 20
A __________ electronic lock remains locked when the power is removed.
A. magnetic strip
B. fail-secure
C. failsafe
D. Wiegand
Question 10 of 20
__________ cards use a magnetic strip but have a permanently encoded number that cannot be altered.
A. Watermark
B. Barium ferrite
C. Magnetic sandwich
D. Infrared
Question 11 of 20
Proximity cards are either active or:
A. dormant.
B. inactive.
C. passive.
D. lifeless.
Question 12 of 20
Locks include those that are key operated, combination type, card activated, and:
A. electronically operated.
B. photo operated.
C. employee operated.
D. magnetic strip operated.
Question 13 of 20
Today's locks withstand forces that range from(###) ###-####pounds and can be controlled and __________ individually, sequentially, or simultaneously from one or multiple locations.
A. activated
B. monitored
C. opened
D. encoded
Question 14 of 20
Many airports require that signs display critical information in:
A. English only.
B. the six major languages.
C. sign language.
D. several languages.
Question 15 of 20
All of the following are types of exterior alarm sensors EXCEPT:
A. motion detectors.
B. glass-break detectors.
C. electronic locks.
D. closed circuit television. Reset Selection
Question 16 of 20
According to the textbook, what is the most important function of the media when a terrorist act is occurring at an airport?
A. To warn the public about any other risks in the area
B. To explain the meaning assigned to the acts by the terrorists
C. To describe how and what the terrorists are attacking
D. To negotiate with the terrorists if possible Reset Selection
Question 17 of 20
Kiosks are a cost-efficient means of providing services to clients. They have a security price in that they expose the airlines to problems of:
A. ID theft.
B. stolen passwords.
C. encryption/decryption falsification.
D. ticket theft and fraud.
Question 18 of 20
The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is facing the same challenges that __________ incurred prior to TSA involvement.
A. private security
B. law enforcement
C. the FBI
D. federal security Reset Selection
Question 19 of 20
The key to effective airline security is:
A. arming pilots.
B. public cooperation.
C. on the ground.
D. educating the public.
Question 20 of 20
The U.S. government has the authority to designate U.S. citizens as __________ and detain them in military custody.
A. military security threats
B. enemy combatants
C. federal spies
D. treasonous
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