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I need these Question answered asap TRUE OR FALSE: (2 points

Customer Question

I need these Question answered asap TRUE OR FALSE: (2 points each) A school system becomes unitary when all remnants of de jure segregation are erased. A state may require that its public school teachers be U.S. citizens. A school may ban colors and other
gang attire. When parents take their child to school, they place the teacher and principal “in loco parentis.” A minimal detention is not considered to be false imprisonment if it is necessary to maintain order in the school. IDEA requires that every disabled
student be provided with an individual education plan. One of the necessary elements of the tort of negligence is damages. Comparative negligence bars recovery. A civil rights action may occur when someone is harmed by a government official acting under color
of law. FERPA does not require that student records be kept confidential. A teacher may generally speak out on a topic of public concern. A teacher’s certificate may be revoked without a hearing. A tenured professor is guaranteed a job for life. Teacher employment
is a matter of individual contract. 15. Public schools have the power to subpoena witnesses to disciplinary hearings MULTIPLE CHOICE: (3 points each) 16. School boards have enacted codes governing appropriate behavior for teachers regarding which of the following?
Dress codes Mental examinations Political speeches and activity All of the above 17. Which of the following is legitimate as a condition of employment? Education requirements Superb physical condition Computer literacy Belief in a higher power 18. Each of
the following is an element of negligence: Duty Causation Damages All of the above 19. The greatest influence of Title IX has been felt in the area of Computer education Women’s sports Aptitude testing Industrial education 20. An affirmative action employment
plan will not be found to be discriminatory so long as: There is a statistical disparity between the races or sexes in a job category The plan does not stigmatize non-minorities The use of race or sex as criteria is justified by a compelling governmental interest.
All of these 21. Corporal punishment when meted out to a student must be equivalent in each case is prohibited by the Constitution requires a hearing may subject the teacher or principal to charges of assault and battery 22. The Scopes “monkey trial” concerned
a Tennessee law that prevented the teaching of evolution prevented the teaching of any theory that man was not separately created, but evolved from a lower order of beasts placed restrictions on the licensing of biology teachers mandated the teaching of intelligent
design 23. A high school diploma is protected under the Fourteenth Amendment because it is a valuable entitlement a property interest and a liberty interest a stigma attached to non-completion required by the military 24. By virtue of IDEA, every child has
a right to education for special needs promotion a diploma attend public school 25. States have the power to promulgate rules regarding: Curriculum Certification of teachers Corporal punishment All of the above SHORT ESSAY: (20 points each) 26. To what extent
does the First Amendment protect religious displays and symbols in the classroom? 27. Gotham City wishes to establish a science and math academy, state supported, with attendance limited to girls 13-19. The school board notes low levels of interest in the
physical science and mathematics by girls with high mathematical aptitude. Can the school board launch such an experimental program?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Homework
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Read the attached file Please
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 2 years ago.

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please i need them answered by today
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Hello you did not answer my question please refund me
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