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Ray Atkinson, Graduate Student
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Experience:  Inner-city high school substitute teacher. Degrees in mathemetics, accounting, and education. Years and years of tutoring.
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11. is creating a slide that will have a large heading and a

Customer Question

11. Jane is creating a slide that will have a large heading and a number of bullet points below it. What slide format should she use? A. Comparison B. Two Content C. Title Only D. Title and Content 12. Suppose you're creating a slide presentation. During
the presentation, you'll need to go to a specific address on the Web. You should insert a/an A. table. B. Word file. C. graphic. D. hyperlink. 13. A _______ is a set of commands. A. website B. tab C. slide D. handout 14. Stuart wants to delete some text from
a slide. What should Stuart do? A. From the Review tab, choose Highlight text and then press the Delete key B. Highlight the text to be deleted, right-click and choose Cut C. Choose the Home tab and delete the text D. Highlight the text to be deleted and press
the Alt key 15. John is creating a presentation. Before he starts, he takes into consideration several aspects that can help to determine how the presentation should be set up. Three of the following are important considerations at this initial stage. Which
of the following does John not have to consider when initially creating the presentation? A. Audience size B. Location of audience C. Consistency D. Charts 16. Jane wants to add a chart to her presentation so she'll click the Insert tab and in the Images group,
she'll click the Chart button. To add a chart to his presentation, Stevie will click the Insert tab and in the Illustrations group, he'll click the Chart button. Who is/are correctly adding a chart? A. Neither Jane nor Stevie B. Stevie only C. Both Jane and
Stevie D. Jane only 17. Which view should you use if you want to look only at the text of the slides? A. Slide Sorter B. Reading View C. Normal View D. Outline View 18. When creating a chart, what Microsoft Office application is invoked in order to enter data?
A. Excel B. Access C. Publisher End of exam D. Word 19. When planning a presentation, there are several factors you need to consider. Which of the following is one factor you should consider when initially planning your presentation? A. Type of font B. Saving
your work C. Location of audience D. Title placeholder 20. When you're in the Normal view, what are the visible panes? A. Text and Slide B. Title and Slide C. Slide and Thumbnails D. Placeholder and Subtitle
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Ray Atkinson replied 1 year ago.

As written, this is a little hard to read. Would it be possible for you to upload the original file?

Expert:  Ray Atkinson replied 1 year ago.

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