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1. You are searching command that you believe ends with the

Customer Question

1. You are searching for a command that you believe ends with the letter “l”. List the command you would use to list all the commands that end with the letter “I”. 2. In a pipeline the output of one command goes to the ___ of the following command. 3.
The following syntax statement for the Get-PSDrive cmdlet. Get-PSDrive[[-Name]][Scope][-Use Transaction][] Which parameters are required? a. There are no required parameters b. Name c. Scope d. PSProvider 4. You have been tasked with resetting a users password
. Which method would be best for performing this task, the GUI, a command, or a script? Justify your answer. 5. You are attempting to locate commands for managing logs. List the commands you would use to find all commands that contain the characters “log”.
6. List the command to view the members of the objects and their values that are output from the Get-ACL c:\windows command. 7. An advantage of the _____ interface is that it can be used to manage multiple systems at the same time. 8. Type the commands to
list all the available Powershell modules on a windows system 9. In the ___Interface admin tasks are easier because wizards often step you through complex admin task. 10. The ___parameter of the Get-Help cmdlet can be used to identify information about the
commands pipeline capabilities. 11. An ___ is used to pass values to a command to allow it to function or change the way that it functions. 12. The __cmdlets is used to display the output of a pipeline as a list 13. You wish to see information in the about_Escape_Characters
topic. List the command you would type. 14. The ___cmdlet is used in a pipeline to select which properties are sent through a pipeline 15. The ___ cmdlet is used to filter which objects are sent through a pipeline 16. ____ are part of an object that can be
accessed to find out info about the object. 17. Create a pipeline that selects the output of the Get-Command cmdlet where the command type property is equal to cmdlet. Sort the output of the previous command by name. Selects the properties name, definition,
and helpuri. Converts the output to html format with the title Powershell Cmdlet Help and saves it in a file name Powershell-Help.html 18. You are attempting to locate commands that test objects. You believe the command you are looking for uses the verb Test.
List the command to display all the commands with the verb Test.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Homework
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
This is powershell
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 2 years ago.

Hello, my name is Greg.

I see this might be time sensitive.

Do you still need this answered?

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 2 years ago.

After going through my resources, I do not have what is necessary to complete at this time.

I am opting out and opening up to the other professionals and messaging a couple who might be able to help.

Someone should be with you shortly.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Expert:  David L. replied 2 years ago.

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