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The BASC-SRP produces __________ as an index of global psychopathology

Customer Question

The BASC-SRP produces __________ as an index of global psychopathology.
A. the Emotional Symptoms Index
B. Inattention/Hyperactivity
C. Internalizing Problems
D. Personal Adjustment
The test in which a person is shown a picture and asked to make up a story about it is appropriately called a(n):
A. apperception test.
B. drawing test.
C. Rorschach test.
D. objective test.
Which personality test is based on a theory by C.G. Jung?
B. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
C. NEO Personality Inventory – Revised
D. Symptom Checklist – 90
Test-retest reliability coefficients will typically be __________ when measuring state-related relative to trait-related constructs.
A. about the same
B. higher
C. lower
D. incorrect
The relatively consistent patterns of thought, feeling, and behaviors that characterize each person as a unique individual define:
A. attitude.
B. behavior.
C. mindset.
D. personality.
Extraversion is an example of a(n):
A. attitude.
B. feeling.
C. state.
D. trait.
A __________ is a stable internal characteristic that is manifested as a
tendency to behave in a particular manner whereas a __________ is a
transient emotional state that fluctuates over time.
A. constant; variable
B. variable; constant
C. trait; state
D. state; trait
The Minnesota Multiphase Personality Inventory – Adolescents is designed for use with which age group?
A. 12 – 16
B. 12 – 18
C. 14 – 18
D. 14 – 19
Which personality test was developed using the empirical criterion keying approach?
B. Symptom Checklist – 90
C. Woodworth Personal Data Sheet
D. NEO Personality Inventory – Revised
Which approach to developing personality scales involves developing items based on their apparent relevance to the construct being measured?
A. Content/rational approach
B. Empirical keying
C. Factor analytic
D. Theoretical
Which personality inventory is based largely on factor analytic studies?
B. Symptom Checklist – 90
C. Woodworth Personal Data Sheet
D. NEO Personality Inventory – Revised
Which personality assessment does not include formal validity scales?
D. NEO Personality Inventory – Revised
Typical response tests best measure:
A. achievement.
B. aptitude.
C. intelligence.
D. interests.
Who developed a comprehensive system that integrated the most empirically supported features of the existing systems for scoring the Rorschach Inkblot test?
A. Bidet
B. Exner
C. Freud
D. Woodworth
Which factor is contained in the contemporary Five Factor Model of personality?
A. Anxiety
B. Conscientiousness
C. Independence
D. Tough-mindedness
In terms of performance on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, __________ indicates a preference for structure and decisiveness.
A. judging
B. perceiving
C. sensing
D. thinking
Who is credited with the development of the first formal personality assessment?
A. Freud
B. Terman
C. Woodworth
D. Wechsler
The most widely used projective drawing technique is the:
A. Bicycle Drawing Task.
B. Draw-A-Person test.
C. House-Tree-Person.
D. Kinetic Family Drawing
The central hypothesis of projective techniques is that clients will interpret ambiguous material in a way that reveals important and often __________ aspects of their personality.
A. congruent
B. incongruent
C. negative
D. positive
The Beck Depression Inventory has __________ test-retest reliability with a one week interval.
A. good
B. poor
C. zero
D. variable
One way that behavioral assessment DIFFERS from personality assessment is that behavioral assessment:
A. emphasizes what a person does.
B. emphasizes a person’s covert thoughts.
C. is more subjective than objective.
D. is seen as having a higher level of inference for its interpretations.
The BASC-2, CBCL, and TRF are categorized as which type of rating scales?
A. Collective
B. Omnibus
C. Syndrome specific
D. Universal
Which clinical subscale of Child Behavior Checklist would show evidence of obsessions and compulsions?
A. Attention problems
B. Internalizing
C. OCD tendency
D. Thought problems
What is the new feature of the BASC-2?
A. Composite scores
B. Content scales
C. Primary scales
D. Subscales
Which assessment is considered a syndrome-specific assessment?
A. Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment
C. Childhood Behaviors Checklist
D. Pediatric Behavior Rating Scale
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Hello Delphia, Can you provide the author, title, and edition of the book that you are using in this class? Thank you, Brittany