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Question 9 Which of the following is a CORRECT use

Customer Question

Question 9
Which of the following is a CORRECT use or omission of a comma?
I am going to the store to buy bread milk and cheese.
She wants to see the Grand Canyon scale the mountain, and go scuba diving.
Jeremy was often described as chipper, well dressed, and on time.
They ate expensive food that they could not afford, and had desserts they could not pronounce, and danced the night away.
2 points
Question 10
A student may be guilty of plagiarism if he or she:
gives attribution to an author from which he or she takes material.
does not accurately represent a source's information.
documents a source.
properly quotes lifted materials.
2 points
Question 11
Which of the following statements BEST describes inductive reasoning?
Inductive reasoning makes conclusions provable, but rarely makes them probable.
Induction is rarely achieved when a general claim is supported by specific evidence.
All inductive evidence only makes supported conclusions likely.
When you are using induction, it is not necessary to establish the credibility of your evidence.
2 points
Question 12
Which of the following statements about the APA references page is TRUE?
List all of the authors of a source, regardless of the number of authors.
The publication date should appear at the end of each reference list citation.
Use the abbreviation pg. or pgs. before page numbers in books and in newspapers.
In titles of books, capitalize only the first word of the title, first word of a subtitle (after a colon), and all proper nouns.
2 points
Question 13
Which of the following is NOT considered to be an established truth that one might use in a rational appeal argument?
Historical fact
Scientific fact
Psychological fact
Geographical fact
2 points
Question 14
Which of the following is NOT a question that you would ask when evaluating evidence for a rational appeal argument?
How credible are the sources of the information?
Will the evidence play a big role in your paper?
How reliable is the evidence?
How well established is the evidence?
2 points
Question 15
Which of the following statements about academic knowledge building is FALSE?
It largely depends on reading, analyzing, and expanding on the work of others.
It requires writers, both student and professional, to respond to one or more texts.
It discourages synthesis of others ideas when writers make their conclusions.
It communicates using both written and visual communications.
2 points
Question 16
Which of the follow is NOT a mixed sentence?
An idea like that one would be a great situation in which to be.
An extension is when an instructor gives you more time to complete an assignment.
The reason that I was late getting to your party was because my car had a flat tire.
These regulations were established to help curb trafficking.
2 points
Question 17
Which of the following demonstrates a CORRECT use of APA convention?
Two or more references within the same parenthetical citation: (Phillips, Toliver, 2009, 2001).
Multiple sources in a single sentence: Hampton (1982) often argued against trade relations with Communist countries, there are other studies that suggest that these relations are necessary, Jones (1983).
Paraphrase of a work by one author: Ellison (1952) wrote that the only means for understanding the place of the black man in society is to understand that all of the roles prescribed to him are false and oppressive.
An embedded quote: While Logi (2003, p. 247) contends that states' rights should remain the center of political debate, he also concedes that "when a nation is at war, then the focus should be on that effort."
2 points
Question 18
When writing a rational appeal argument, primary source information:
comes from documents or other materials produced by individuals directly involved with the issue.
can be a real waste of time because it is not as good as an expert's opinion.
must always be included in every argument.
often detracts from the argument that you are trying to make because you have to spend so much time explaining it.
2 points
Question 19
Which of the following is an example of a deductive argument?
Because a clean Earth is a desirable and equally beneficial goal and because recycling is one means of keeping trash out of landfills, recycling plastic bottles is something that everyone should try to do.
Recent studies have shown a decrease in the local pet population, which is evidence to support the assertion that the current spay and neuter program is having some positive influence.
Although Smith and Witt disagree about the method for how tax cuts should be brought, but support my assertion that tax reform is necessary.
During his time in Afghanistan, the solider I interviewed said that he saw evidence of change, and this supports my earlier assumption about the presence of change.
2 points
Question 20
Which of the following demonstrates an INCORRECT use of APA convention?
The author of the source is not listed: (Anonymous, para. 13).
In-text citation for a corporate author: (PETA, 2010).
Indirect sources: Smithson has long argued against what he calls "the downfall of American morality" (as cited in Johnson, 2004, p. 39).
Translated works: (Foucault, 1972/trans. 2010).
2 points
Question 21
Which of the following uses of an adjective or an adverb is CORRECT?
Eating good is always Uncle Bill's motivation.
Knowing her studies well was her focus.
I want to go to see that movie so bad.
He felt badly because of his cold.
2 points
Question 22
Which of the following is NOT an argument?
Debbie contests the use of non-recycled paper in her office, suggesting instead that only recycled paper be used so that less trees are chopped down to make new paper.
Frank asserts that the office should adopt recycling containers in the copy room as well as in the break room because so many people throw away cans and plastic bottles each day.
Anna states that she does not like the way that recycled paper copies and thinks that the office should stay with the non-recycled paper that it currently uses.
Marco, the manager, makes a case for adopting an office water cooler so that people will not produce so much plastic water bottle waste in the office.
2 points
Question 23
When studying for an examination:
begin your study of the material the night before the examination.
make a list of sample questions related to the key concepts, and attempt to answer them.
try to reread all of the course materials.
ignore basic concepts, and try to focus on all the details in the course materials.
2 points
Question 24
Which of the following is NOT an academic genre?
A blog
Research reports
Literary analyses
Peer review
2 points
Question 25
Which of the following is NOT a fallacy?
Non sequitur
Card stacking
Funny man
Post Hoc
2 points
Question 26
Which of the following is NOT a double negative?
I am not unsure about which was correct.
He was not hardly ever at home.
Sandra did not do nothing for a living.
Henry cannot go with us to Canada.
2 points
Question 27
Which of the following statements about plagiarism is TRUE?
When things are properly cited, the reader will know which material is from the student writer and which is from the source.
It is better to be told about plagiarism when you do it, rather than to train yourself to recognize and avoid it.
Misattribution is the word-for-word copying of a source.
Common knowledge is knowledge that people gain from using common sense.
2 points
Question 28
Which of the following is the LEAST important when planning for a causal analysis?
Identifying key topics based on assignment or personal interest
Identifying audience and purpose
Recommending changes that might bring about different, more desired effects
Deciding if you are more interested in causes or effects
2 points
Question 29
Which of the following is a CORRECT use or omission of a comma?
While she argued for peace, she also said that, "War often has its place."
The bottle reads "Use once a day for four days."
"Do not allow others to hold you back" my mother often said.
An author once said, "I want the reader to taste my voice at the back of his throat."
2 points
Question 30
Which of the following demonstrates a CORRECT use of capitalization?
No one expected the Oakland raiders to make it all the way to the Super Bowl this year.
I am not jewish myself, but my nephew is.
The main street in my town is actually named Main Street.
Theo Oliver, a Doctor, helped to set your broken bones.
2 points
Question 31
Which of the following is NOT a step in taking a first look at your writing?
Applying principles of good writing
Knowing your discourse community
Knowing your audience and purpose
Annotating source material
2 points
Question 32
When considering a rational appeal argument, statistics:
are data showing how much, how many, or how often.
are always trusted, so they should always be used.
are always clear to readers.
are always from reliable sources, never from your own investigations.
2 points
Question 33
Which of the following demonstrates the CORRECT use or omission of an apostrophe?
These contributions are all hers.
When businesses's refer customers, they often strengthen their own business.
The childrens' toys were all over the house, even in the fish tank.
Its such a good idea that we are going to fund the whole project.
2 points
Question 34
Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of all effective paragraphs?
Cohesiveness or unity
A solid topic sentence
Careful and perceivable organization
The inclusion of a supportive quotation from an outside source
2 points
Question 35
Which of the following is NOT a principle of ethical writing?
Writing perceived as truthful should be truthful.
The writing does not omit information in a way that misleads the reader.
The clarity of the writing is sometimes impacted by the necessity to persuade.
Writing should not be intended to harm the reader.
2 points
Question 36
Which of the following is NOT a way that academic disciplines build knowledge?
2 points
Question 37
Which of the following sentences is parallel?
On my summer vacation, I went to the beach, the mountains, and met many interesting people.
I would like arguing and to let people know my opinion.
Nancy was not only a brat but a snob.
Hector was always a free spirit and a poet.
2 points
Question 38
Which of the following statements about the APA references page is FALSE?
The bibliography is a list of key sources relating to a particular subject area or area of research.
A DOI is a database objective indicator.
An edition is a particular version of a source, indicating if the text has been updated, revised, or abridged.
A URL is a uniform resource locator.
2 points
Question 39
Which of the following statements about APA conventions is TRUE?
A block quotation is a direct quotation that is less than 40 words.
A direct quote is an exact, word-for-word (verbatim) excerpt from another's work set off by quotation marks.
A citation is different than an acknowledgment or attribution.
The period of a quoted sentence should be located at the end of the quotation, not the citation: "Quotation." (Smith, 2009, p. 46)
2 points
Question 40
Which of the following statements about an APA references page is FALSE?
The entire page should be double-spaced.
The title "Works Cited" should be centered at the top of the page.
All margins should be set at 1".
The second and proceeding lines of each citation should be indented 0.5" or 5-7 spaces.
2 points
Question 41
Which of the following is NOT an effective use of the emotional appeal to write an argument?
Using hungry children to make a case about supporting local school-lunch programs
Using a gaunt, sickly cat as the face of an appeal for people to adopt pets only if they are prepared to take on the responsibility
Using a college student with a lost cell phone who wants to call home for an argument about free long distance service from dorm rooms
Using a thirsty homeless veteran as an argument for why veterans should receive greater benefits in the U.S.
2 points
Question 42
Which of the following does NOT describe the author of an ethical appeal argument?
Sarcastic and arrogant
Pleasant and fair-minded
Decent with genuine concern for the topic
A commitment to the truth
2 points
Question 43
When writing in the humanities:
one might focus on the study of human behavior.
one investigates phenomena using the scientific method.
one records and speculates about the growth, ideas, and emotions of human beings.
one uses only quantitative data.
2 points
Question 44
Which of the following is FALSE of academic writing?
It follows the conventions of standard American English for grammar and usage.
It is authoritative.
It uses standard vocabulary.
It is usually creative in nature, including fiction and personal narrative elements.
2 points
Question 45
Which of the following is a CORRECT use or omission of a comma?
Cars, and trucks met at the Burger Palace for the weekly car show.
That piece of pottery was crafted by a very influential artist.
There will always be more things to do, so, let's go have fun today.
Traveling home for the holiday, is so stressful.
2 points
Question 46
Which of the following statements about plagiarism is TRUE?
Plagiarism is a somewhat serious offense.
The academic world is committed to protecting ethics and integrity in the transmission of information.
Freedom of information and inquiry come with the obligation of academic dishonesty.
Documentation styles exist as a way of complicating student's academic lives.
2 points
Question 47
Which of the following is a CORRECT use or omission of a comma?
His lips were dry, and cracked from the dry heat.
Susan's scratched, broken glasses were found lying on the floor.
Betty was always a sweet, old lady.
The man seemed bound, and determined to see the wrong righted.
2 points
Question 48
Which of the following demonstrates a CORRECT use of quotation marks?
My mother often said something like "life is hard."
"When you come for dinner," she said insistently, "we will catch up on all our lost years."
I was the only one to read Shakespeare's "MacBeth" as a comedy.
He questions everything, often saying "What do you mean by that"?
2 points
Question 49
Which of the following is NOT a type of definition you might use in a definition essay?
Essential definition
2 points
Question 50
Which of the following would qualify as a question to be asked before the formation of an argument?
What was the Emancipation Proclamation?
Who is responsible for the housing market crash of 2008?
Which is better-a Mac or a PC?
What causes the cost of diamonds to be so high?
2 points
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9 Jeremy was often described as chipper, well dressed, and on time.
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