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Test 27-40 Question 27 of 40 2.5 Points You need to obtain

Customer Question

Test 27-40  Question 27 of 40 2.5 Points You need to obtain a public certificate for your new e-commerce site. Where would you go to apply for a trusted certificate?   A.   B.   C.   D.  Question 28
of 40 2.5 Points You still have some XP computers in the network you manage. What is the highest version of Internet Explorer that you can run on those computers?   A. IE 7   B. IE 8   C. IE 9   D. IE 10  Question 29 of 40 2.5 Points Which of the options below
identifies the server that hosts your personal website so that users can find it over the Internet?   A. Domain name   B. IP address   C. DNS name   D. DNS address  Question 30 of 40 2.5 Points You want to configure less stringent security settings for your
organization’s internal portal site for Internet Explorer. Which zone will you select for this endeavor?   A. Internet   B. LAN   C. Trusted Sites   D. Local Intranet  uestion 31 of 40 2.5 Points What is the advantage of using web caching within a network?
  A. It ensures that no viruses or malware enter the network.   B. It increases the download speed of websites that users visit.   C. It resolves IP addresses to domain names for improved performance.   D. It resolves domain names to IP addresses for improved
performance.  Question 32 of 40 2.5 Points Where does a Gateway Antivirus scan for viruses?   A. On the system volume of client computers   B. On the system volume of a server   C. Within incoming web packets   D. On the application volume of a server  Question
33 of 40 2.5 Points You want to browse various job postings on the Internet from your employer’s network. How can you browse these sites without creating a history within the web browser and ISP that your boss might be able to view?   A. Turn on “Enable Protected
Mode” within the browser.   B. Use a public proxy site when surfing these ads.   C. Use a public DNS server when surfing these ads.   D. Issue a recursive DNS query before visiting the websites.  Question 34 of 40 2.5 Points You want to bundle your telephone
and Internet services into one package from your local phone company. What type of Internet connection will they be offering?   A. DSL   B. Ethernet   C. T3   D. Cable  Question 35 of 40 2.5 Points Where are the Connection settings located within the Firefox
browser options?   A. General   B. Content   C. Advanced   D. Privacy  Question 36 of 40 2.5 Points Which web browser integrates directly with the Windows OS control panel to assign your default applications to designated file types?   A. Opera   B. Safari
  C. Firefox   D. Internet Explorer  Question 37 of 40 2.5 Points You are staying at a hotel and you need to use the computers that are offered to guests in the business center. The computers run Windows 7 and use IE 9 as the default browser. The network policy
at the hotel prevents guests from accessing Internet Options. You do not want other hotel guests who may use the computer after you to know where you went on the Internet. Which feature below will prevent users from viewing your Internet history?   A. Enable
Protected Mode   B. Pop-up Blocker   C. Internet Security Zone   D. InPrivateBrowsing  Question 38 of 40 2.5 Points Which of the applications below is designed to help a user bypass enforced web-filtering policies?   A. Ultrasurf   B. Opera   C. DNS   D. WordPress
 Question 39 of 40 2.5 Points Where do you access the setting configurations for a Proxy server within IE?   A. LAN Settings   B. WAN settings   C. Network settings   D. General settings  Question 40 of 40 2.5 Points You have been hired to advise a local non-for-profit
agency in your area about designing a web presence for them. They first need a domain name. What type of domain extension should they specify?   A. .com   B. .pub   C. .org   D. .info
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  F. Naz replied 2 years ago.
What is your deadline
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
By Friday it says this was paid by I don't see the answers.
Expert:  F. Naz replied 1 year ago.
I haven't provided any answers yet, for the paid information you can contact customer service, thanks.
Expert:  F. Naz replied 1 year ago.
Hello Please find your answer at above link.Have a nice day
Expert:  F. Naz replied 1 year ago.

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