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Question 1______________ are sudden reactions to a situation

Customer Question

Question 1
______________ are sudden reactions to a situation that only last for seconds, minutes, or perhaps hours. ______________, however, are more diffuse and last for weeks or even months.
Moods, emotions.
Emotions, traits.
Emotions, moods.
Gut reactions, traits.
3 points
Question 2
A situation specific affective response to the environment.
Personality trait.
3 points
Question 3
The notion that motivation lies on a continuum from no autonomy to complete autonomy or agency refers to the _____________
motivation continuum.
social facilitation continuum.
self-efficacy continuum.
self-determination continuum.
3 points
Question 4
Constantly changing cognitive and behavioral efforts to manage specific external and/or internal demands that are appraised as taking or exceeding the resources of the person is ________.
stress management.
arousal control.
3 points
Question 5
The most critical aspect of Bandura's Theory of Self-Efficacy is the notion of
Successful performance.
Vicarious experience.
Verbal persuasion.
Emotional arousal.
3 points
Question 6
The use of various relaxation or arousal management procedures to reduce anxiety is commonly referred to as _________________.
Attentional control.
Stress control.
Stress management.
Anxiety reduction.
3 points
Question 7
Undifferentiated goal perspective.
Effort, ability, and outcome are all viewed by the child as being the same thing.
Effort, ability, and outcome are all viewed by the child as being different things.
Ability, skill, and luck are all viewed by the child as being the same thing.
Outcome, motivation, and feeling are all viewed by the child as being different things.
3 points
Question 8
Playing in the "Zone" implies
Separation of mind from body.
Close monitoring of body movements.
Controlled processing of information.
Automatic processing of information.
3 points
Question 9
Setting of ________________ can help in attaining long term goals.
short term goals
more difficult goals
goals that are easier to attain
unrealistic goals
3 points
Question 10
Which of the following is an approach to human behavior that focuses upon wellness and not merely absence of disease?
Wellness psychology.
Positive psychology.
Modern psychology.
Neo-Freudian psychology.
3 points
Question 11
According to Nicholis', children ages two to six tend to be
Other oriented.
Sports oriented.
3 points
Question 12
Which of the following is associated with a mastery climate?
Poor performance and mistakes will be punished.
Competition between team members is encouraged.
Players help each other learn through cooperation.
Social comparison.
3 points
Question 13
The least self-determined form of extrinsic motivation.
Identified regulation.
Integrated regulation.
External regulation.
Introjected regulation.
3 points
Question 14
An information processing model of human behavior is consistent with
B.F. Skinner's stimulus response theory.
Cognitive psychology.
The absence of mental operations.
3 points
Question 15
The nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it.
3 points
Question 16
For self-talk to be effective, it is suggested that self-talk statements be
Incompatible with the sequential timing of the task being performed.
Brief and phonetically simple.
Thoughts that occur in the emotion of the moment.
Complex statements requiring analysis.
3 points
Question 17
An initial decrease in performance leads to an increase in state anxiety, which leads to an additional decrease in performance followed by an even greater increase in state anxiety.
Relaxation response.
Psyching up process.
Activation response.
Anxiety-stress spiral.
3 points
Question 18
Anxiety is a/an _________ that arises in response to how we interpret and appraise an environmental situation such as competition.
Personality trait.
3 points
Question 19
Which statement is false relative to the use of mental practice and time factors?
More is not necessarily better when it comes to the use of mental practice.
More is always better when it comes to the use of mental practice.
Mental practice is more beneficial when it precedes physical practice as opposed to following physical practice.
Mentally practicing for 1 to 3 minutes is more beneficial than mentally practicing for 5 to 7 minues.
3 points
Question 20
Which of the following terms is synonymous to the term "working memory?"
Sensory store.
Short term memory.
Middle memory.
Long term memory.
3 points
Question 21
An athlete's ability to quickly and effectively shift their attention from one location to another is
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Chris M. replied 2 years ago.
Hello, and thanks for the question. How many total questions are included on this quiz? Your post got cut short at question #21. Please post the remaining questions in a reply and I will be glad to assist you.