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Create a heads-up display (HUD) at the top of the screen

Customer Question

Create a heads-up display (HUD) at the top of the screen (using a new

element and associated CSS) that displays the following. The game title Player position (measured in cells (e.g., 1,2 or 4,5) Coding needs: a new method for player named showPosition() that captures the current position on each iteration of the game loop and displays the text in the HUD Percentage of the distance to the goal (measured as %) completed at the current position Coding needs: need to code an addition for the showPosition() method above that calculates the diagonal distance to the end of the maze from the current position, and then calculates the ratio of that current distance to the total distance (which is the diagonal from position 1,1 to position 14,14). The result is then displayed as text in the HUD. For example, total distance on a diagonal from 14,14 to 1,1 would be 13 / sin(45) or sqrt(13 * 13 + 13 * 13) = 18.3. So, if player is at position coordinates of 5,13, the distance from that point is sqrt(4 * 4 + 12 * 12) = 12.6. So the ratio is 12.6 / 18.3 = 0.69 or 69%—but the percentage completed would be 100% - 69% = 31%. Success when the goal is reached (defined as arriving at 1,1 on the minimap)
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 2 years ago.
Hello, my name is Greg.

I see this might be time sensitive.

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