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Assignment 2b

Customer Question

it is the same as assignment 1 implementation available here:

1- I just need to add one more allocate method for seat allocation to it so it meets the new design requirement available here:

"After some unfortunate seating allocations, the airline has decided to allow passengers in a booking group to be seated next to each other. In this regard, note that the aircraft being used have 20 rows. Each row has 4 seats labelled A, B, C and D with B and C separated by the aisle. Given that the addition of larger planes is being contemplated and that certain passengers will be given preferential treatment, there is no need at this stage to optimise seat allocation. However, your design must be able to accommodate future changes to aircraft size and allocation rules.

In addition, XYZZY Software has made an internal decision that all projects should henceforth conform to the MVP design pattern. Therefore you will need to refactor the design that was provided for Assignment 1 1 to conform to this pattern.

For this assessment item, you are to modify the design document provided in Assignment 1 so that it satisfies the original requirements 1-5, the updated requirement 6 (add a reservation) and the new requirement 7 (conform to MVP). The new version is to be designated 1.1 and an appropriate entry is to be added to the Revision History table in the design document. The original design document, together with its UML artefacts, is accessible from here (Assignment one design) : (1).docx"

2- converting it into MVP

3-Modify the database accordingly

4-Make another package called presentation added to model and view!

Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Homework