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1. In the von Neumann model, explain the purpose of the:

Customer Question

1. In the von Neumann model, explain the purpose of the: a.processing unit b.program counter 2. The technologist’s notion of Moore’s Law is that the number of tran- sistors per chip doubles approximately every 18 months. In the 1990s, Moore’s Law started
to be described as the doubling of microproces- sor power every 18 months. Given this new variation of Moore’s Law, answer the following: a.You have a brilliant idea for a new chip design that would make a processor six times faster than the fastest ones on
the market today. Unfortunately, it will take you four and a half years to save the money, create the prototype, and build a finished product. If Moore’s Law holds, should you spend your money developing and producing your chip or invest in some other venture?
b.Suppose we have a problem that currently takes 100,000 hours of computer time using current technology to solve. Which of the following would give us the solution first: 1) Replace the algorithm used in the current solution by one that runs twice as fast
and run it on the current technology, or 2) Wait 3 years, assuming Moore’s Law doubles the performance of a computer every 18 months, and find the solution using the current algorithm with the new technology? 3.(10 pts.) What are the limitations of Moore’s
Law? Why can’t this law hold forever? What are some technical implications of Moore’s Law? 4. What is the hexidecimal representation (for example -10.5=-A.8.16) of the following base 10 numbers: a. -625.125 b. 37.5897 5. What is the 32 bit IEEE 754 format
expressed in octal form of the following base 10 numbers: a. -625.125 b.37.50078125 6.Decode the following 8-bits per character Extended Binary Coded Dec- imal Interchange Code (EBCDIC) message with no parity: 11100110110000111110010001000000110001011001010110000111
10001001100101011000010110000101100010011001010110000111 7. Use truth tables to prove DeMorgan’s Laws. (5 pts. for each law) 8. Construct the truth table for the following: b.(x+y)(x+z)(x+z) 9.Write an assemble code program for the MARIE simulator
that com- putes the following summation:N(renum sum) n=0 n= 0 + 1 + 2 +···+N where N ≥ 0. For example, if N= 4, then 10, which is 0+1+2+3+4, should be displayed as the output. – The program should acquire the value for N as an input from the keyboard. – The
program should check that the entered value is greater than or equal to zero. – The sum should be displayed as an output. – The∗.mex file associated with this problem should be uploaded to Blackboard. – The above summation is equivalent to (N(N+ 1))/2. 10.A
32-bit signed integer is stored at memory addresses 0***-**-****.16 in little endian two’s complement format as shown in the table below. What is the decimal value of the number stored at memory addresses 0010-0013.16? Address Value 0010.16 FE.16 0011.16 76.16
0012.16 54.16 0013.16 AB.16 11.What is the effective access time (EAT) of a hierarchical memory sys- tem with 85% cache hit rate and cache memory access time of 5 ns and main memory acess time of 250 ns? 12. What are the difference(s) between RAID-0, RAID-1,
and RAID-10? 13.Which operating system was the first to provide a graphical user inter- face (GUI): a. Microsoft Windows b. Microsoft MS-DOS c. Apple Macintosh (pre OS X) d. Linux
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Homework
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 2 years ago.
Hello, my name is ***** ***** I am one of the homework professionals. The information you have posted does not show the proper formatting needed for the question and it would be beneficial for me to view the original assignment file if that is possible. You can upload using a file sharing site such as or and share the link here. Also, be sure to let me know the deadline to get the resource returned to you. Here are the steps to use wikisend as it is the easiest and does not require an account. We are not able to get things by email (unfortunately)1. Go to www.wikisend.com2. Click on the "Browse" Button3. Find the file on your computer and select it - this will place the link in the box on the site.4. Click on "Upload File"5. This will then open a new window.6. You will see a box that says "Download Link" - Copy and Paste that weblink in the box here for me.I can then open your file onto my computer.You can repeat this for each of the files. Place all the link into one reply box here and then I can open any of the documents.This will ensure I get the materials quickly. Thanks and I look forward to trying to assist on this question.
Customer: replied 2 years ago. is a link, please let me know if you received it and if you need anything else. This is due May 5, 2015.Thanks,
Derrik Downs
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 2 years ago.

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Customer: replied 2 years ago.
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