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Using an if, then, else statement you are going to complete

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Using an if, then, else statement you are going to complete a short bash shell script that helps an administrator work with a machine. It needs to be able to do the following tasks.

When a r is pressed, it can change the runlevel to any allowed setting.
When a u is pressed, it updates the system's installed software.
When a k is pressed, it will kill a process the user selects.
When a l is pressed, it allows the user to read a text file of their choosing.
When an x is pressed it exits.

Andrew :

Hi, I'm Andrew. I'd be happy to help you with this. I'll be back in a few with your script.


Hi. Thanks

andrew3987 :

Here you go

andrew3987 :

NOTE: This is assuming you are using Fedora or Redhat linux. If you are using Ubuntu linux, replace the line "yum update" with "apt-get upgrade"


Ok I have the file thank you very much!

andrew3987 :

You're welcome :)

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