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For Steve Herrod Only: I noticed you have done this assignment

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For Steve Herrod Only: I noticed you have done this assignment before. Can you provide a model for this assignment that I can use as a guideline? details below:

RFP for Active Directory Redesign at Initech, Inc. Executive Overview Initech is a financial software developer that provides software and services to half of the Fortune 500. The organization currently has four major offices located in Austin, Detroit, Seattle, and Washington, DC.

Two smaller offices are co-located with the organization’s largest customer. Those offices are in Miami


and Denver. A sales team of more than a hundred work across the United States, primarily from their


own homes. Initech currently outsources its entire distribution function to Penetrode Logistics.


Initech has experienced a combination of growth and disaster in the last 3 years. The organization’s


technology, specifically the server and Active Directory environment, has not been well designed or


planned during this time. Internal growth has put a huge strain on the servers. Mergers have left the


organization disconnected. Disasters have caused extensive loss of data and productivity.


Management has decided to invest in a major overhaul of the server and Active Directory environment.


Physical Locations


CEO, Penetrode








CEO, Initech


















Mobile Team


Cloud Team










Sales Team














Legal Services




Organizational Charts


Active Directory Special Considerations


The Active Directory redesign must incorporate the following special information:


• No existing servers will be available for this project. The proposal must include all servers


needed for the new Active Directory environment.


• All offices should be able to operate (login users, access files and local resources, etc.) if their


respective Internet connection is down.


• All offices should be able to operate if any one Active Directory server at a site goes down.


• All workstations at Initech and Penetrode are either Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7.


• A default Group Policy should (at a minimum) limit a user’s ability to install software themselves,


change machine settings, or use unauthorized USB devices.


• New workstation images as well as software packages should be easily deployable at each site.


• Remote users must connect using certificates.


• Key employees at Penetrode must be able to access Initech’s server environment, including the


SharePoint Intranet site, without having to use a separate set of login credentials.


• Initech is considering an acquisition of Penetrode.


Required Proposal Responses


Executive Overview – Provide an executive overview for your organization’s Active Directory proposal.


How will your proposal help Initech? What are the key aspects of your design? Why should Initech


select your proposal over your competitors’ proposals? (1 page)


Forest, domain, OU, and trust configuration – Develop a forest, domain, OU, and trust configuration for


Initech and Penetrode. Include a chart or diagram of the configuration. Also include an overview of


your design in paragraph form. (1 page, including charts and/or diagrams)


Site and link configuration – Develop the site and link configuration for the Initech Active Directory.


Include the site names, transports, subnets, and other necessary information. Design can be submitted


in diagram, chart, or paragraph form (a site diagram is preferred.) (Half page)


Active Directory server quantities, locations, and roles – Develop the physical and/or virtual server


environment for Initech’s Active Directory environment. Be sure to include server quantities, locations,


and roles. You must incorporate redundancy in order for your proposal to be considered. Include a


chart outlining the server environment. Describe your design in paragraph form. Also include a


paragraph explaining the redundancy, backup, and recovery aspects of your design. The proposal


should not include any budgetary or cost information. (2 pages, including the server chart)


Naming standards – Develop a naming standard for Initech’s servers, workstations, users, groups, OUs,


printers, and other objects within AD. (Half page)


Group Policy – Develop a default domain policy, including recommended password XXXXX and other


GPO recommendations. (Half page)


Certificate Services – Develop a certificate services solution for Initech’s remote users. (Half page)


Penetrode Acquisition – Develop a plan to incorporate Penetrode’s Active Directory into Initech’s Active


Directory. The plan should include migrations of users, computers, and other aspects of Active


Directory. Both of Penetrode’s two physical sites (North Carolina and northern California), including all


their staff, will be kept as part of the acquisition. (Half page)


Note: The entire document should be double spaced. Page limits above are minimums. If you need


more space, don’t be afraid to use more.





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