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Ray Atkinson
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physicsin the movie Gravity, a fire -- well, a conflagration

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physicsin the movie Gravity, a fire -- well, a conflagration -- breaks out in the space capsule, which is weightless in space. Is this realistic. From what I've read in physics books, a candle doesn't really "burn" in weightless space, for example -- it just "blobs" small fire balls which float in the space capsule. Is this correct? If so, the conflagration depicted in the movie, should be a series of fireballs bobbing in the space craft. Please discuss this phenomena in accurate detail. Thx

Ray Atkinson :

What is the deadline? Is there a length requirement? Does this need to be in a format such as APA?


you there? I prefer a detailed "physics-style" answer to the problem rather than chat. If that's not your cup of tea, please let me know and I'll repost to someone else

Ray Atkinson :

No problem. I can write up a word file. Can you answer my questions?

Ray Atkinson :

Do I need to have seen the movie to answer the question?

I think you did not see my response.
What is the deadline? Is there a length requirement? Does this need to be in a format such as APA?
I am going to be gone for the next 6 hours, until 1030 pm EST. If you cannot wait until I return, state that here and open a new posting, and i will cancel this one.
I believe I can answer your question, but I need to know how long it must be to determine how much detail I need to include.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

What's APA? Word file is OK. No, you don't have to have seen the movie. Provide details sufficient to answer the question in a meaningful way. Paragraph or two at most.

Excellent. I will get right on it.
APA format is using in-line references without foot-notes, as contrasted with MLA which uses foot- and end-notes.
Let me know if this is enough details for you:
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

i can't access this website please send a word doc or reply inline in this space


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

good answer. just to clarify:


1) inside a space capsule with oxygen, there could be no conflagration (just sherical balls of fire) since there isn't enough oxygen to feed the flames. Correct?


2) The spherical balls, even if connecting with each other, would not explode? Is the "for sure" or just "most likely"?


2) on earth, gravity feeds a fire by pulling oxygen down from the atmosphere. Correct?









1. Correct.

2. They may merge and burn, but as the same kind of slow rate. I would call it most likely, but not 100% certain.

3. As the fire burns, the gases expand and rise from convection currents. Gravity pulls the oxygen down as the hot gases rise.