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**For TheDoctor** Overview Consider an application

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**For TheDoctor**


Consider an application that deals with different two dimensional shapes, we may need to define a circle class, a Polygon class, a Quadrilateral class, and a Rectangle class etc.

All of these classes have some common data property such as color, and common methods such as getting the color and finding the area and perimter of the two dimensional shape. So we can define an abstract super class called TwoDimensionalShape which includes data color, and methods getColor, setColor, and the following abstract methods findArea, findPerimeter, and name (display shape name). Additionally the abstract class TwoDimensionalShape must implement interface Drawable containing a draw method that draws a particular shape. Use JOptionPane to display this message " is being drawn ..."

To define a specific class, we can then extend the TwoDimensionalShape class; and therefore inherit these common features.

The following classes are to be defined:

- Classes Circle and Polygon deriving from TwoDimensionalShape

- Class Quadrilateral deriving from Polygon

- Class Rectangle deriving from Quadrilateral

For each of the 4 concrete classes above (Circle, Polygon, Quadrilateral, and Rectangle) you need to define instance fields for each class and additional instance method(s) besides providing implementation for all the abstract methods in the abstract class TwoDimensionalShape and the draw method of the Drawable interface.

Write a driver to test your classes as follows:

- Create an array of 4 TwoDimensionalShape references

- Create objects of the 4 concrete classes (4 different shapes) and assign to the array

- Use a loop to invoke all methods specified in TwoDimensionalShape (area, perimeter,

name, and getColor)

- Use a different loop to check for the object type and invoke its specific methods

- Define an array of 4 Drawable objects

- Assign the above 4 shapes to the array

- Draw all shapes
Hello again! Thank you for requesting me.

By when do you need this?

Thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Tonight would be preferred (no specific time) but anytime before tomorrow afternoon would be ok.

Thank you. I will contact you once this is complete.

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