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Step 1: Write an application that prompts the user two integers Step

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Step 1: Write an application that prompts the user two integers

Step 2: Prompt the user to enter an option 1-4. See below for the definition of the options.
1. Add the two integers
2. Subtract the second integer from the first
3. Multiply the integers
4. Divide the first integer by the second. See step 3 for additional instructions.

Display the results of the arithmetic.

Step 3: Display an error message if the user enters an option other than 1 through 4 or if the user chooses the divide option but enters 0 for the second integer. Please note a use of a nested if will be needed to determine if the second integer is 0.

Step 4: Debug and save the class as

Step 5: Delete the if.... else statements that currently determine which number the user entered, and then replace them with a switch structure.

Step 6: Debug and save the class as

Additional notes: Include comments to reflect each step above.
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