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Accounting Help!! Due Sunday 10/27

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On May 5, 2013, GinaEnnabeortiz started a carpet cleaning business called Ennabeortiz Family Carpet Cleaning. She completed the following transactions during the month:


  1. Ginainvested $16,500 cash and a small truck with a value of $8,000 to start her business.

  2. Prepaid $3,500 cash for 12 months’ rent on a small office.

  3. Purchased office supplies for cash, $575.

  4. Purchased equipment on account, $4,000.

  5. Received cash for services performed, $3,350.

  6. Performed services on credit, $2,350.

  7. Purchased truck supplies on account, $125.

  8. Received $15,350 cash in advance of providing cleaning services to a customer.

  9. Paid $2,500 cash for the premium on a 6-month insurance policy.

  10. Paid salary of employee, $1,550.

  11. Purchased $2,500 of additional equipment by paying $400 cash and signing a long-term note payable for $2,100.

  12. Paid for repairs to truck, $225.

  13. Received $1,350 for the services performed in transaction f.

  14. Paid utilities, $315.

  15. Completed cleaning services and immediately collected $10,500.

  16. Paid creditor $675 on the purchase in transaction d.

  17. Provided $2,000 of cleaning services from transaction h.

  18. Gina withdrew cash for personal use, $2,775.

  19. Paid $5,000 cash for advertisements on the local television station during May.




1. Prepare general journal entries to record these transactions (use the account titles listed in part 2).


2. Open a set of T accounts with the following titles: Cash (101), Accounts Receivable (106); Office Supplies (124); Truck Supplies(128); Equipment (131); Prepaid Rent (140); Prepaid Insurance (150); Truck (163); Accounts Payable (201); Notes Payable (202); Unearned Cleaning Revenue (203); GinaEnnabeortiz, Capital (301); GinaEnnabeortiz, Drawing (302); Cleaning Revenue (403); Salaries Expense (620); Truck Expense (630); Utilities Expense (640) and Advertising Expense (650). Post journal entries from Part 1 to the T accounts and calculate the account balance for each account.


3. Prepare a trial balance as of the end of this month’s operations.


4. Using the trial balance created above, prepare an income statement, statement of owner’s equity and a balance sheet for the month ended May 31st.


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