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Write a C program that determines the miles per gallon for

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Write a C program that determines the miles per gallon for 3 tanks of gasoline that a user fills in his/her car.

We will explain to the user very clearly what the program will be doing and how they should enter data.

The program should prompt the user to enter the number of gallons used and the number of miles driven for each of the 3 tanks of gas. The program should then calculate and display the miles per gallon obtained for each tank. Once processing is complete for the 3 tanks, the program will calculate the overall mileage(total gallons / total miles) and display a friendly "Goodbye" message as shown below.
Once you create, compile, link and run your program, your program should present the following dialog to the user:

Welcome to the Milton mileage calculator.
This program will calculate the miles per gallon for you for three tanks of gas after you have entered the gallons used and miles driven.
Enter the number of gallons used for tank #1: 12.8 Enter the number of miles driven: 287.1
*** The miles per gallon for this tank is 22.4

Enter the number of gallons used for tank #2: 10.3
Enter the number of miles driven: 200.2
*** The miles per gallon for this tank is 19.4

Enter the number of gallons used for tank #3: 5.2
Enter the number of miles driven: 120.9
*** The miles per gallon for this tank is 23.3
Your overall average miles per gallon for three tanks is 21.5
Thanks for using the program.

The first two lines may be any suitable message to the user. After that the program should run as above. The output spacing is important. Please feel free to substitute your name (or just Acme) for mine in the introductory statement!

I did not provide an algorithm for this assignment, however I have included several hints below. You are not required to use these hints for your solution. They are only here if you need some help. It is okay to completely ignore them, if you so choose. Some students have told me that the hints actually confused them! :-)
Hints: * In this program you may use 1 variable of type int, and 5 or 6 of type float. * This program requires an introductory statement to the user.
* This program requires a loop structure (a for loop is best, XXXXX XXXXX or do -- your choice). * The loop requires 3 printf statements: 1 to prompt the user for the "number of miles driven"; 1 to prompt for "number of gallons used"; and a third to display the calculated "miles per gallon for this tank". * The loop also requires 2 scanf statements: 1 to "read in" the number of gallons used which is input by the user; and a second to "read in" the number of miles driven, which is also input by the user.
* This program requires 3 calculations within the loop - one for the current mileage, and two accumulators to add up the total miles and total gallons used for the final calculation.
* This program requires another printf statement (outside the for loop) to display the average for all tanks.
* The loop index can be used to display the current tank calculation.
Welcome here and thank you for asking me.
What is the deadline?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.



Deadline is about 3 hours.

Please check back in 30 minutes.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you!


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