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help need 300 word wrote on help

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I need help with something else if you have time.



¨Data Analysis Approach

        Which statistical test will be used and why?

·        How will the results be displayed?


This is for a water bottling plant that is trying to break into the flavor side of it.

Sure thing! Can you give me a little more information about what the plant is trying to test or do exactly?
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Springclear Water Company, a large domestic distributor of natural spring water is conducting research to determine how to introduce a new line of flavored water. With it’s largest competitors Dannon and Absopure both having just introduced flavored water options to the market, Springclear has data to show that sales for both of those companies are up. While Springclear did some preliminary research last year and chose not to move forward at that time, the company will conduct a full-scale business research project to determine how to make the most informed business decisions including how to spend time, resources, and business research dollars to examine some of the following variables 1) entering a new geographical market, 2) the feasibility of a new product offering, 3) customer satisfaction, 4) factors that influence customer loyalty, 5) and brand awareness in a desirable demographic. In addition to analyzing the significance, scope, magnitude and feasibility that a significant shift in the company’s core business this paper will also discuss research program design, appropriate methods for survey, sampling method, and data analysis approach.


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