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In Lesson 12, you were introduced to binary numbers and how

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In Lesson 12, you were introduced to binary numbers and how to convert them to decimal, octal, and hexadecimal number bases. For the Final Project, use the concepts that you learned in this course to develop a solution that converts a binary number into decimal, octal, and hexadecimal number bases. Given any 8-bit binary number, your solution should be able to convert it to decimal, octal, and hexadecimal notations and then display the results. Your solution should include a problem analysis chart, an IPO chart, a data dictionary, an interactivity chart, an algorithm, and flowcharts. You should incorporate modules, decision structures, functions, arrays, and/or loops in your solution. Feel free to use other concepts from Lessons 1-12.

Assume for the Final Project, that you were provided with a custom function called StoreBinaryToArray(input). The StoreBinaryToArray function takes the binary input from the user and stores each digit (0 or 1) into a one-dimensional array called BinaryArray. For example, if the user inputs 10101010, the BinaryArray will look like:


Element Number Value Stored

1 1

2 0

3 1

4 0

5 1

6 0

7 1

8 0

Use the StoreBinaryToArray function to complete the Final Project.
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