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For LogicPro OnlyMain MethodImplement a program that uses

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Main Method

Implement a program that uses the Scanner to read a user password XXXXX verifies it meets the following criteria:

  • Is at least 7 characters long

  • Contains at least 1 lower letter character

  • Contains at least 1 upper letter character

  • Contains at least 1 numeric digit

  • Contains at least 1 special character from the set: !@#$%^&*

  • Does not contain the String “text” or the String “book”

Output a string that prompts the user for a password XXXXX include the requirements above in your output.

Output a string that states valid or invalid. If invalid, state which rule above has not been met.

Utilize the following functionality:

  • indexOf

  • Looping structure

  • charAt()

  • isDigit()

  • isUpperCase()

  • isLowerCase()

and any additional functionality needed. 


Implement a loop around the whole process, so that the program will allow to check for passwords until a correct one is provided, or up to a maximum of three tries, whichever comes first.

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