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Resources: Appendices A & D Examine the following situation: Your

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Resources: Appendices A & D
Examine the following situation:

Your company, Datamax, Inc., is in the process of automating its payroll systems. Your manager has asked you to create a program that calculates overtime pay for all employees. Your program must take into account an employee’s salary, total hours worked, and hours worked more than 40 in a week. It must then provide an output that is useful and easily understood by company management.

Compile your program utilizing the following background information and the code outline in Appendix D.
Submit your project as an attachment, including the code and the output.

Company background:

• The company has three employees: Mark, John, and Mary.
• The end user needs to be prompted for three specific pieces of input—name, hours worked, and hourly wage.
• Calculate overtime if the input is greater than 40 hours per week.
• Provide six test plans to verify the logic within the program.

o Plan 1 must display the proper information for employee #1 with overtime pay.
o Plan 2 must display the proper information for employee #1 with no overtime pay.
o Plans 3–6 are duplicates of plan 1 and 2 but for the other two employees.

Program requirements:

• Define a base class to use for the entire program.
• The class holds the function calls and the variables related to the overtime pay calculations.
• Define one object per employee. Remember that there will be three employees.
• Your program must take the objects created and implement calculations based on the total salaries, total hours, and total number of overtime hours. See the Employee Summary Data section of the sample output.

Logic steps to complete your program:

• Define your base class.
• Define your objects from your base class.
• Prompt for user input, updating your object classes for all three users.
• Implement your overtime pay calculations.
• Display overtime or regular time pay calculations. See the sample output.
• Implement object calculations by summarizing your employee objects and display the summary information in the example.

Sample output:

Welcome to the Employee Pay Center

Enter the employee name = John
Enter the hours worked = 44
Enter his or her hourly wage = 3.33

Enter the employee name = Mary
Enter the hours worked = 33
Enter his or her hourly wage = 2.22

Enter the employee name = Mark
Enter the hours worked = 29
Enter his or her hourly wage = 2.22

Employee Name ............. = John
Base Pay .................. = 133.20
Hours in Overtime ......... = 4
Overtime Pay Amount........ = 19.98
Total Pay ................. = 153.18

Employee Name ............. = Mary
Base Pay .................. = 73.26
Hours in Overtime ......... = 0
Overtime Pay Amount........ = 0.00
Total Pay ................. = 73.26

Employee Name ............. = Mark
Base Pay .................. = 64.38
Hours in Overtime ......... = 0
Overtime Pay Amount........ = 0.00
Total Pay ................. = 64.38

%%%% EMPLOYEE SUMMARY DATA%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
%%%% Total Employee Salaries ..... = 290.82
%%%% Total Employee Hours ........ = 106
%%%% Total Overtime Hours......... = 4
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Hello I need it by 10/5

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

When I turn this in, do I turn in all the files

You can just submit the EmployeeClass.cpp file