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Question 1 of 20 5.0 Points JavaScript runs more efficiently

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Question 1 of 20
5.0 Points
JavaScript runs more efficiently than CGI scripts because the CGI script runs on the:


B. Web server.

C. user's computer.

D. user's Internet Service Provider.
Question 2 of 20
5.0 Points
In var answer = "14" + "6", what value will the answer variable hold?

A. 146

B. 20

C. "14""6"

D. 0
Question 3 of 20
5.0 Points
In the example document.bgcolor = "white", bgcolor is a/an:

A. effect.

B. character.

C. method.

D. property.
Question 4 of 20
5.0 Points
A __________ variable can only contain the values true or false.

A. boolean

B. string

C. logic

D. local
Question 5 of 20
5.0 Points
Single line comments embedded into a script should begin with __________.

A. *

B. \\

C. //

D. /*
Question 6 of 20
5.0 Points
If you want to perform a set of JavaScript statements repeatedly throughout your Web page, you should create a __________.

A. method

B. property

C. function

D. Java Bean
Question 7 of 20
5.0 Points
A __________ variable can be accessed from anywhere inside the Web page.

A. local

B. script

C. string

D. global
Question 8 of 20
5.0 Points
__________ is a programming language that creates mini-applications called applets that are downloaded over the Internet and run inside the Web browser.

A. C++

B. JavaScript

C. JavaBeans

D. Java
Question 9 of 20
5.0 Points
__________ are usually used to call a function.

A. Event handlers

B. Operators

C. Call letters

D. Methods
Question 10 of 20
5.0 Points
You want to compare two variables to see if they represent the same value. What statement do you write?

A. a == b

B. a!=b

C. a/b

D. a=b
Question 11 of 20
5.0 Points
What is the HTML container tag pair that lets the browser know that the following code is a scripting language?




Question 12 of 20
5.0 Points
The JavaScript code word onMouseover is an example of a/an:

A. function.

B. variable.

C. event handler.

D. null value.
Question 13 of 20
5.0 Points
The __________ method is used to display a message to the user in a separate dialog box.

A. prompt

B. alert

C. send

D. write
Question 14 of 20
5.0 Points
__________ are actions performed by the user such as submitting a form.

A. Clicks

B. Events

C. Properties

D. Arrays
Question 15 of 20
5.0 Points
The type of variable which would represent the value "Happy Birthday" would be a/an __________ string variable.

A. boolean

B. numeric

C. alpha

D. string
Question 16 of 20
5.0 Points
The If - Then statement is an example of a/an:

A. conditional.

B. method.

C. array.

D. loop.
Question 17 of 20
5.0 Points
a + = b is the same as writing:

A. a = a + b.

B. a + a = b.

C. a = b.

D. a ++ = b.
Question 18 of 20
5.0 Points
Which of the following is not an object?

A. Document

B. Window

C. Confirm

D. Form
Question 19 of 20
5.0 Points
__________ is an event handler usually associated with a button.

A. onSelect

B. onClick

C. perClick

D. onChange

Question 20 of 20
Frames are created with what HTML tag pairs?




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