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Operating system questions

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1. (TCO 6) In Windows 7, a(n) _____ partition contains an OS. (Points : 2) extended logical active system reserved 2. (TCO 3) Fedora 13 assigns logical storage areas called _____ on a hard drive. (Points : 2) tracks partitions sections cylinders 3. (TCO 3) The Windows 7 OS supports ______, a means of reducing the amount of space needed to store a block of data. (Points : 2) compaction compression condensation contraction 4. (TCO 6) A(n) ____ disc is a computer storage medium that operates using digitized beams of light. (Points : 2) celluloid magnetic optical floppy 5. (TCO 3) NTFS uses a ____ for managing access to files. (Points : 2) VFAT VNODE MFT FAT 6. (TCO 6) The ____ option in the Quota tab of the Windows 7 Local Disk Properties dialog box may create a log entry when a user exceeds the limits, but it does not limit usage. (Points : 2) deny disk space to users exceeding quota limit limit disk space to do not limit disk usage set warning level to 7. (TCO 3) From the _____ tab of the Windows 7 Local Disk Properties dialog box, you can set the NTFS permissions that control access to data on the hard drive. (Points : 2) security general tools sharing 8. (TCO 3) After _____, each file and folder on your computer’s hard drive will occupy a single, contiguous space on the volume. (Points : 2) performing a backup error-checking defragmenting disk compression 9. (TCO 6) In Fedora 13, ____ is the process by which a file system becomes available for use. (Points : 2) scanning structuring mounting partitioning 10. (TCO 6) ____ creates the root of the directory structure and the file system for use. (Points : 2) Partitioning Allocating Formatting Defining

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