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I need help with a java program

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I need help with a java program

1. Create a new class called Hamster that includes the functionality below
2. The new class has the attributes of:
name – hamster’s name, type String
age – age of hamster in months, type integer
weight – weight of hamster in pounds, type double
color - type hamster’s color, type String
vaccinated - type boolean - true if hamster was vaccinated, false if not
3. Be sure your classes have a good set of accessor and mutator methods. Every member variable must have at least one independent accessor and one independent mutator.
4. Example:
public void setName(String name) mutator used to set name public void seAge(int age) mutator used to set the age
//.... Add other mutator methods here
public String getName() accessor used to get name public int getAge() accessor used to get age
//.... Add other accessor methods here
Ensure you use the “this” reference from within this class when referring to every instance variable or instance method of the current object.

Write a driver program that reads in 3 pets of type Hamster and prints out the name, age and weight of all not vaccinated Hamster objects that are 4 or more months old. The following information should be read per Hamster in:
age weight color vaccinated

Conditional statements should be used to decide which Hamster’s information should be printed.
Use accessor methods to check the age and vaccination status on each Hamster.

The following is a sample of how the output session of the code should look like.
Enter the name of Hamster1: chip
Enter the age of Hamster1 in months: 1
Enter the weight (in pounds) of Hamster1: 2 Enter the color of Hamster1: grey
Is Hamster1 vaccinated? true or false?: true Enter the name of Hamster2: munk
Enter the age of Hamster2 in months: 4
Enter the weight (in pounds) of Hamster2: 1.5 Enter the color of Hamster2: white
Is Hamster2 vaccinated? true or false?: true Enter the name of Hamster3: bluetooth
Enter the age of Hamster3 in months: 5
Enter the weight (in pounds) of Hamster3: 2.5 Enter the color of Hamster3: red
Is Hamster3 vaccinated? true or false?: false
The un-vaccinated hamsters over 4 months old are: Name: bluetooth
Age: 5
Weight: 2.5

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I tried to compile and is giving me quite a few errors

Youu need to place both files in one folder before compiling and running
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

How do I pick you as the expert I want?

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