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Lisa L. Kawecki
Lisa L. Kawecki, Certified Teacher
Category: Homework
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Experience:  BA in Eng. & Edu.; 15 yrs. Teaching Exper.
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I need at least 500 words to the following, To forecast possible

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I need at least 500 words to the following, To forecast possible cultural changes inside Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc., prepare a study analyzing how a multicultural workforce might affect teamwork and communications in large companies.
I need it to center around communication, and if possible due in 24 hours.
Good afternoon,

I would be happy to assist you today. In addition to being an expert on the site, I am also a full time professor.

In order for me to best assist you, please let me know if I correctly understand what you need:
You need me to write an essay, about 500 words in length, discussing how a multicultural workforce effects teamwork and communications in large companies, and focusing mainly on communications. Do I correctly understand your assignment?

I look forward to hearing back from you,
Thank you kindly,
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes ma'am that is correct .

Hi Patrick,
Thanks for getting back to me.
I will be happy to do this for you right now.
I will have it posted for you in about an hourSmile
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Ok, thank you so much

Good afternoon Patrick,

Thank you for the opportunity to assist you today. The following is the information that you requested:

Cultural Changes Inside Worldwide Telecommunications---(Total word count of 532 words.)

The United States, and by extension, the American workforce is a creation of many different cultures and backgrounds. Large organizations, such as Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. will experience some challenges as their multicultural workforce increases. However, by being aware of the challenges that a multicultural workforce entails, this company has the ability to benefit from a multicultural workforce in several areas, specifically, teamwork and communications.

In the area of teamwork, Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. will be effected in that it is introducing and integrating a cultural dynamic to the area of teamwork. It is important to understand that different cultures function on different levels. This means that multicultural teams must respect the cultural diversity within each group. By doing this, each team can maximize performance, cooperation and build lasting working relationships.

Another area of Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. that will be directly effected by a multicultural workforce is in the area of communications. When there are differences in cultural personality types and communication styles the workplace will be effected. By establishing a clear understanding of the cultural differences each member of the team can avoid any miscommunication. Many minority cultures place a significant amount of importance on establishing professional relationships and a lesser amount of importance on issue of time. For example, such an individual may be late to a meeting because they did not want to stop a conversation that they were having with a client. Understanding this cultural issue will enable others in the company to understand that the co-worker was not being disrespectful of others time, it was actually just the opposite. The employee was establishing a relationship, based upon trust with a client.

The importance of effective communication in regards XXXXX XXXXX can not be stressed enough. Western cultures think of time in a linear and a sequential way. Employees rely heavily on the clock to keep them on task and productive. It is important to realize that this is not the case for other cultures. The United States and other Western Cultures view lateness as being rude, however, other cultures do not. Cuban cultures do not place a priority on time and rushing to be on time. This is a cultural element and in no way a sign of disrespect. It is important to understand the viewpoints of each culture that is represented in the workforce so that communication issues do not lead to discord. In addition, Latino and other minority cultures prefer relationships based on each member of the group being supportive and able to communicate openly and freely. It is important that minority employees do not feel uncomfortable stating a problem that they may be having. In the United States, mangers expect problems to be brought to their attention directly. Effective communication within a multicultural workforce at Worldwide Telecommunications, Inc. Means that each employee understand the cultural background of their team members. Educating everyone on the team about cultural diversity means that in the long run teamwork and communication within the company will be productive and efficient.

It was a pleasure being able to assist you today.

Please remember to click one of the top three icons, as that is the only way that I get paid.

I look forward to helping you with future assignments. To request me, simply type, “For Lisa K.” before the question.

Have a great evening,
Lisa L. Kawecki and 2 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello, it looks great. Were there any sources used?

Yes, sir,Smile

Some customers wnat references, some do not. I had no way of knowing because it was not mentioned in the question. I will post them right now, you will have them in a fe moments.


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Hello Patrick,

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you on your multicultural workplace assignment. It was a pleasure being able to assist you. I look forward to being able to help you with future homework assignments. To request me, just make sure to type, "For Lisa K." before the question and then I can help you immediately.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Lisa K.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hello Lisa, Im in need of your help once more if you are available.

Hi Patrick,
I will be more than happy to help you. I will not be on line this evening, (Friday), but, go ahead and send me all of your information and I will get back to you tomorrow.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

ok yes ma'am, I will send it all to you. Thank you in advance.

You are very welcome
Customer: replied 3 years ago.


Together We Stand Letter Outline

Suppose you live in a new suburban community that combines all the amenities and benefits of a tight-knit small community with the benefits of living close to the big city. Some years pass, and several children and adults in the community start developing extensive and similar illnesses. You think this is clearly not a case of genetics, and you become suspicious that something has gone wrong in the development planning and execution of your community. You start researching possible causes for the illnesses plaguing the community and, upon further investigation, find out that a company’s unsafe chemical-disposal practices may be to blame for the calamity. You decide to notify your community of your findings so that everyone can unite in a fight for justice.

Create a detailed outline you would use for composing the letter, which you intend to have published by your local newspaper, addressing your concerns with the community’s health.

Address the following in your outline:

· Describe the types of questions you asked yourself to ensure that you used critical thinking in your research and analysis of the problem.

· Explain what strategies you would have applied, if actually investigating the problem, to help foster critical thinking and to help lead you to the root cause of the illnesses.

· What assumptions did you have to be aware of to ensure that they did not interfere with your critical analysis of the situation?

· What fallacies did you encounter as you researched possible causes for the illness?

Cite any sources and references consistent with the Short Form Writing Style Guide.

Hi Patrick,

I have a few questions:
1. When do yo uneed this?
2. do you need an outline, a letter to the community, or both

I will not be working online this weekend, but, I will check in for messages,

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I actually needed it by late evening tomorrow. I need an outline and letter to the community.



I am sorry I can't help you. I have family in from out of town and they are only here for a short time.