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Basic Biology1. If one group is given some medicine that

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Basic Biology
1. If one group is given some medicine that may cure a disease and the other grioup is given a sugar pill, the group who got the medicine is the: a. hypothetical group b. scientific group c. control group d. experimental group.
2. Which of the following is NOT true of cell membranes? a. They are composed of four carbohydrate layers b. They contain protein molecules c. They regulate movement of some substances into and out of the cell. d. They contain phospholipids.
3. Aerobic cellular respiration requires the use of:
a. N2 b. 02 c. H2 d. H
4. ____ describes how a cell makes a protein from the protein coding sequence of a gene. a. Transcription b. Gene expression c. Translation d. Gene phrasing
5. A gen that can be masked by another gene is called:
a. a pleiotropy b. dominant c. incompletely dominant d. recessive
6. Hybrid plants are produced by: a. cloning b. asexual repoductin c. vegetative reproduction d. sexual reproduction
7. Many kinds of disease-causing bacteria are reistant to the standard antibiotics that we use to control them. This is because: a. when bacteria are exposed to antibiotics, the mutate b. there is genetic variety within the species and those that already have genes for resistance are the ones that reproduce. c. new species of bacteria have evolved that are resistant to antibiotics. d. when the size of the population of a species of bacterium is reduced, genetic variety decrease
8. A food chain always begins with: a. sympathetic decomposers b. photosynthetic autotrophs c. pathetic instructors d. heterotrophic consumers
9. Most microorganisms reproduce: a. sexually b. by parthenogenesis c. asexually d. by meiosis
10. The normal flow of blood would be: a. heart ? capillaries ? arteries ? veins ? heart. b. heart ? arteries ? caplillaries ? veins ? heart. c. heart ? veins ? capillaries ? arteries ? heart d. heart ? veins ? arteries ? capilaries ? heart.

World Geography
1. The world region which currently accounts for the largest share of global population is: a. Africa b. Latin America c. Europ d. Asia
2. The largest community of immigrant Japanese in Latin America resides in: a. Peru b. Brazil c. Mexico d. Paraguay
3. The Green Revolution in southeast Asia: a. developed new varieties of rice that increased yields b. led to the emergence of new environmental political parties c. was a reforestiation campaign in the Phiippines that planted millions of trees d. referes to Malaysian Islamists, who carry green banners when protesing
4. Horizontal integration in economic production occurs when: a. factories are located next to one another, to ease transportion cost b. owners of a factory buy out other producers in the industry c. new technologies allow for greater competition and lower prices d. banks buy up the stock of a specific industry, in order to increase production
5. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is a political party based in which religious group? a. Muslims b. Hindus c. Sikhs d. Budddhists
6. Mansu Musa was the ruler of the ____ empire. a. Ghana b. Songhal c. Mali d. Fulani
7. The river which carries the most traffic in Europe and is the continent's most important inland waterway is the: a. Rhone b. Rhine c. Danube d. Eibe
8. The largest ethnic group in China is the: a. Han b. Tibetans c. Mongolians d. Uighurs
9. Glasnost and perestroika were policies prrsued by which Soviet leader? a Vladimir Lenin b. Josef Stalin c. Mikhail Gorbachev d. Nikita Khrushchev
10. The Itaipu Dam, the world's second-largest hydroelectric project, generates electricity shared between: a. Venezuela and Brazil b. Colombia and Ecuador c. Chile and Argentina d. Brazil and Paraguay

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