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Help needed with SQL programming.

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I have already done the first eight questions, so no need for those.  Just need the query statements in a text file is all.  Thanks a lot for your help.





1.   Create an ORDERS_(your initials) table based on the following:.



            ORDID                                         NOT NULL          NUMBER(4)   

            ORDERDATE                                                            DATE

            COMMPLAN                                                             VARCHAR2(1)    

            CUSTID                                        NOT NULL          NUMBER(6)      

            SHIPDATE                                                                 DATE









2.   Create an INVOICE table based on the following:










            ORDID                                         NOT NULL                      NUMBER(4)

            ITEMID                                         NOT NULL                     NUMBER(4)

            DESCRIPTION                            NOT NULL                      VARCHAR2(20)    

            PRODID                                                                                 NUMBER(6)

            ACTUALPRICE                                                                    NUMBER(8,2)

            QTY                                                                                        NUMBER(8)

            ITEMTOT                                                                               NUMBER(8,2)


3.   Modify the INVOICE table to allow for longer DESCRIPTION names.



4.  Create an INVOICE_2 table from the INVOICE table using a select statement.



      Rename the INVOICE_2 table to INVOICE_3.


6.   Add a comment to the INVOICE_3 table definitions describing the tables.


7. Drop the ITEMID  column from the INVOICE table.


8. Create an INVOICE_4 table using a subquery based on the structure of the INVOICE table. Include only the  ORDID, DESCRIPTION, PRODID and QTY columns. Name the columns in your new table INV ID, DESCRIPT, PROD ID and QUANTITY, respectively.





9.  Add a first row of data to the INVOICE table with data of your own choosing. Do not list the columns in the INSERT clause.









.  Populate the INVOICE table with the sample data.  You are to create the values to enter into the table.  This time, list the columns explicitly in the INSERT clause.



ORDID, DESCRIPTION, ITEMID, ACTUALPRICE, QTY, ITEMTOT,                                PRODID                                                                                                     



11.  Create a script named LOAD_DATA_(your initials).sql to load rows into the INVOICE table interactively. Prompt the user for the values .   Specify a default value for the QTY.


12.  Populate the table with the four  rows of sample data by running the script that you created. 



13.  Change the value for one of the DESCRIPTIONS.


14.  Create a PRIMARY KEY constraint on the INVOICE table using the ORDID column. The constraint should be named at creation as a named table level constraint.


15.  Add a named table level foreign key reference on the INVOICE table that will ensure that the PRODID is not assigned to a nonexistent PRODUCT.



Modify the INVOICE_3 table. Add an ORD_DATE column of DATE datatype.


17.  Modify the INVOICE  table. Add a CHECK constraint to prevent any ACTUALPRICE greater than what you think is a reasonable level.


18.  Modify the INVOICE table by making one of the columns NOT NULL.



19.  Create a view called INVOICE_View based on four columns in the INVOICE   table.   Use SQL*PLUS formatting commands to create column headings for the four columns.



.  Using your view INVOICE_View, enter a query to display values for three of the four columns included in the view.

Hello and thank you for your question. It would be my pleasure to assist you.

What database management system are you using? (e.g., SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle)

Thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I'm using sqlplus but they only need to be written out in a text file, no return results are needed. I've actually already done the first 12 on the list, so you would only need to answer 13 through 21. I can send you the text file of what I have so far so you can see the format.

SQLPlus is a client application, not a database management system. You use to connect to a database, usually Oracle. So I assume the DBMS that you are using in class is Oracle?

In your original question, you only posted 20 questions. There is no 21. Please post the 21st question.

Additionally, please send me your work. If you did anything wrong, then the following queries that I wrote will also be incorrect. I can also fix anything that you may not have done correctly.

You can upload your document to

Once uploaded, you will be given a link on the right. Click on the 'Copy Link' option and then paste it here.

Thank you
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes it is Oracle.


Here is the link.


Here is question 21.


Create a view named INV_VIEW_QUERY that does not allow an invoice DESCRIPTION to be changed through the view.

Thank you. I will contact you once this is complete.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX be able to finish tonight?

Yes, it will. The file you sent me does have a few mistakes in it. So I am fixing those and then I will complete the remaining questions and send you the results.

Hello again Matt,

Based on Question 15, this is to be completed on an existing database. It states that you are to create a foreign key to products. Since the product table was not created in this assignment, it must already exist.

Please let me know what the columns in the product table are.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It says the product table was non existent. There should not be anything based on an existing table as the assignment was expected for me to just write the queries in a text file and send. Did not have to be done on a putty server or in a Oracle database. Hope this helps. If all else fails just skip question 15 if you have too.



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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you very much. SQL is definitely not my area of expertise but still needed to take the course. Thanks again for your time and also for explaining what I was doing wrong. Have a great day.

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