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T F 2. Battery is intentional tort. T F 3.

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T F 2. Battery is intentional tort.

T F 3. The basis for applying strict liability is determining who is at fault.

T F 4. Oral defamatory statements communicated only to the victim are actionable.
T F 42. The amount of damages on a breach of contract may be the difference between the value of what was promised and the value of what was delivered or performed.

T F 43. A measure of compensatory damages is the difference between the contract price and the market price.

T F 44. Consequential damages are foreseeable damages that arise from a party’s knowledge prior to the breach of contract.

T F 45. Real property includes land and everything permanently attached to it.

T F 46. A wall leaning onto a neighbor’s land does not violate the property rights of the neighbor unless the wall is actually touching the neighbor’s land.

T F 47. An easement is a right to go onto the land in the possession of another and take away some part of the land or some product on the land.

T F 48. A warranty deed provides the most extensive protection against defects of title.

T F 49. A grantor is a person to whom property is transferred.

T F 50. A quitclaim deed warrants more than any other deed.
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