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5. The benefits of a corporation does not include:

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5. The benefits of a corporation does not include: liability
b..Continuity of existence
c.transferability of ownership
6. Michael takes Mathew’s business law book as a practical joke and hides it so that Mathew cannot find it during the week before the exam. Michael may have committed the tort of
a. Trespass to personal property
b. Conversion
c. Intentional infliction of emotional distress
d. Placing a person in a false light

8. In a contract for the purchase of real estate the seller and buyer have agreed to set the price in the future by mutual agreement. This contract is
a. Not enforceable
b. Is an agreement to agree
c. In conformity with the statute of frauds
d. All of the above

10. Britainy uses her new sound recording machine to record the melody of a song written by Tom without Tom’s permission. This is
a. Copyright infringement
b. Patent infringement
c. trademark infringement
d. None of the above

11. A contract is formed when
a. when an offer is made
b. when an offer is accepted
c. when a mailed offer is accepted by depositing in the mail
d. all of the above

13. Pierre owns a fine French Restaurant. While at the Restaurant, Betsy, eats a cooked oyster Rockefeller this is an opened oyster that has been cleaned, and then over it are placed spinach, bacon bits and Romano cheese and then baked).. As she bites into the oyster, her teeth come into contact with a shiny white object, that turns out to be a pearl. Unfortunately, the pearl causes Betsy to beak her tooth. Betsy may
a.sue Pierre for the adulterated food
b. keep the pearl because she found the pearl
c.sue the oyster chef who prepared the meal
d.all of the above

15. Jim, a minor, goes to a hospital emergency room and receives care for a cold. The hospital sends him a bill. Jim
a. Can disavow the bill
b. Must pay the bill
c. May disavow the bill if he told the nurses at the hospital that he was a minor.
D. None of the above

16. Alpha Assets Corporation and Beta Buys, Inc. contract for a sale of Alpha=s assets to Beta. The contract may NOT be enforceable if it was formed as a result of
a. A mistake as to the value of the assets
b. Alpha=s intent to make a profit
c. Beta=s intent to make a profit
d. None of the above

17. Vanessa offers to pay Deborah $100 if she walks across the Brooklyn Bridge. Deborah can accept the offer only by walking across the bridge. If Deborah walks across the bridge, she and Vanessa will have formed
a. A bilateral contract
b. A unilateral contract
c. A performance contract
d. A surety contract

20. Betty visits a grocery store in which she has an open account, holds up an apple so that the clerk can see it, acknowledges the clerk’s nod, and pockets the apple knowing that she will be billed for it at the end of the month. Betty has formed
a. this is binding contract
b. this is not a binding contract
c. this is a unilateral contract
d. none of the above

21. Under a voidable contract, avoiding the legal obligation is an option of
a. Neither party
b. Both parties
c. party who suffers the infirmity
d. all the above

26. Randolph agrees to build a swimming pool for Fox, but Randolph fails to finish the pool according to the contract specifications. Fox is forced to hire others to do so. Fox may recover from Randolph

a. The contract price less the costs of materials and labor
b. the difference between the contract price and what it cost to complete.
c. The contract price
d. All costs incurred to complete construction

27. Bradley agrees to hire Russell to work at his store for a salary of $170 per week. Bradley later cancels the contract because he has decided to spend the summer in Australia. Russell is entitled to recover

a. The wages he would have received while working for Bradley less any wages he receives in a replacement job plus any incidental damages
b. Only the wages he would have received wile working for Bradley less any wages he receives in a replacement job.
c. Only the wages he would have received while working for Bradley
d. Nothing

28. Helen contracts to sell her land to Mike on July 1. On June 30, Helen tells Mike that she will not go through with the deal. Mike files suit against Helen. Mike can recover
a. The difference between the contract price and the market price of the land only
b. The land only
c. Either the difference between the contract price and the market price of the land or the land itself\
d. Nothing

29. Nora contracts to work for ABC Investments during June for $2,500. On May 31, ABC cancels the contract. Nora refuses to accept a similar job with First State Bank, which would pay $2,000. Nora files suit against ABC. As compensatory damages, Nora can recover

d. Nothing

30. A major criticism of utilitarianism is:
a.Moral and ethical rules are too rigid and fixed over time.
b.Some persons would take actions which they believe to be moral, but whwhich most persons in a society believe to be immoral.
c. Decisions require the weighing measurement of qualities and consequences which are not subject to precise measurements.
d. Decisions are not allowed to take into account a particular person’s station or place in society.

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Hi! My deadline is tomorrow midnight

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My pleasure. I thank you

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