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Lisa L. Kawecki
Lisa L. Kawecki, Certified Teacher
Category: Homework
Satisfied Customers: 736
Experience:  BA in Eng. & Edu.; 15 yrs. Teaching Exper.
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For Lisa K.

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Attachment: 2013-09-13_235348_exam1.docx

Lisa, I have another document to get done similar to the last one. This one is a test so it would be preferred if it had a bit more detail. Please let me know if you can do this for me. Thanks!

Thank you for requesting me, it is a pleasure working with you.

I have opened and read the document . As with the last set of questions, there are quite a few to answer.

I would be happy to work with you, but it depends when you need this. I have a few projects to do tomorrow and will not be online on Sunday.

Please let me know when you need this,
Thank you kindly ,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I don't need it until Friday. So about 6 days. Does that work?
Yes, that is fine. Thank you for giving me enough notice to get this done.
I will have this posted for you by mid-week.
Have a great weekend,
Hello Mike,

I hope that you are having a good start to your weekSmile

I am beginning this assignment for you so that I can work on it for a few hours a day to be able to get it to you for your Friday due date. I have a question, are you able or willing to pay a bonus? As I am working on the set of questions for #1, I realize that there are as many question for this assignment (18) as there were for the last one and the value of this question is less.

Just let me know when you get a chance before I continue to work on these questions.

Thank you kindly,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Yes. Will the same bonus as last time work?
That is fine, THANK YOU.

I am writing some lengthly answers for you and it is quite time consuming.

Thanks again,
Hi Mike,

I just wanted you to know that I have finished your assignment, and it will be posted in a few minutes.

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Lisa L. Kawecki and 2 other Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Hello Mike,

I hope you are doing well. I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to be able to work with you on your second Civil War assignment. I look forward to being able to assist you with your future assignments. To request me, simply type, "For Lisa K." before the question.

Have a great day,