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Linda_us, Finance, Accounts & Homework Tutor
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linda, we would like to have this assignment that you have

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linda, we would like to have this assignment that you have from the past completed by 9/14. How much would it cost?

*****FOR LINDA**********
Hi linda,

Assignment 2: The CAPM and Final Project 4: Report and Presentation
Part One: The CAPM
Olter, Inc. is starting its risk management program for the company and has asked for your help in determining critical risk measurements for the firm. The company has identified several factors in the market that they believe are critical for your tasks:
• The risk-free rate is 6%
• The required return on the average stock is 13%
• Olter’s average return is 13%
1. What is Olter’s beta coefficient?
2. How does the beta coefficient influence the firm’s stock value?
3. What is the required rate of return for Olter?
4. In terms of risk, how does Olter compare to the average firm in the market?
5. If Olter’s beta increased to 1.6, what would you expect to happen to the required rate of return and what does this mean for the firm?
By Saturday, April 6, 2013, submit the completed assignment to the W5: Assignment 2 Dropbox. Use a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that illustrates your calculations. You may use the formulas embedded in Microsoft Excel and/or a financial calculator for these calculations.
Name your document SU_FIN2030_W5_A2_part1_LastName_FirstInitial.
Part Two: Final Project 4: Portfolio Return and Risk; Report and Presentation
Part A: Portfolio Return and Risk
Select four stocks from,, or One should be a clothing manufacturer, one should be a retailer, one should be an automobile manufacturer, and one should be a restaurant or food producer.
1. Obtain the closing price, the change in price from the previous day, and the beta.
2. Calculate the return on holding the stock for a day (this should be the change in price over the closing price without the change).
3. Calculate a portfolio return with weights of 0.25 for each stock.
4. Calculate a weighted beta with weights of 0.25 for each stock.
5. Summarize the implications of the portfolio return and risk with respect to what you learned about beta and the CAPM.

Linda_us :


Welcome to the Site and Thanks for requesting me.

I can help you with these question and will post the solution before your deadline.

Once I post the solution you can download and reword/reformat before you submit it as your own to your professor.





Great! I look forward to your help. :)

Linda_us :

You are welcome.


how long does it take to load?

Linda_us :

I will have to work on it and will post the solution by tomorrow.


thank you.


BTW- you previously answered the question... I was wondering if you can choose 4 different stocks, possibly the gap, target, ford and mcdonalds?

Linda_us :

That would be ok. I will choose the ones you suggested

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