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Steve Herrod
Steve Herrod, Masters Degree
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Have the following homework questions; that I wont be able

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Have the following homework questions; that I won't be able to get to due to another deadline I'm attempting to meet. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Exercise 5.16
a. Convert the decimal number 19557 to floating point. Use the format SEEM M M M. All digits are decimal. The exponent is stored excess-40 (not excess-50). The implied decimal point is at the beginning of the mantissa. The sign is 1 for positive number, 7 for a negative number. Hint: Note carefully the number of digits in the mantissa.
b. What is the range of numbers that can be stored in this format?
c. What is the floating point representation for -19557?
d. What is the six-digit 10’scomplement representation for -19557
e. What is the floating point representation for 0.0000019557?

Exercise 5.19
Convert the following binary and hexadecimal number so floating point format. Assume a binary format consisting of a sign bit (negative = 1), a base 2, 8-bit, excess-128 exponent, and 23 bits of mantissa, with the implied binary point to the right of the first bit of the mantissa.
a. 110110.0110112
b. -1.11110012
c. -4F7F16
d. 0.000000001111112
e. 0.1100 X 236
f. 0.1100 X2 -36

Exercise 5.21
Represent the decimal number 171.625 in IEEE 754 format.
As discussed previously I will answer these
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks Steve. Much Appreciated.

No problem!
See attached - have included working but not sure if that is needed


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