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Achieving Acadmic Excellence: 1. Achieving Academic Excellence

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Achieving Acadmic Excellence:
1. Achieving Academic Excellence involves:
a. devoting as much time as possible studying.
b. knowing onot only what to study, but how to study.
c. passing this course.
d. getting the most outof college.
2. Sucess in college requires:
a. effective self-management
b. diligence.
c. humor.
d. being involved in social networks.
3. You want to discover your learning style because:
a. you are curious.
b. it lets you know how you learn best.
c. it makes learning easy.
d. you want to know if you are visual or auditory.
4. Online learning is impossible without:
a. information literacy.
b. media literacy.
c. the use of textbooks.
d. an internet connection.
5. Achieving goals you set is greatly helped by:
a. writing down your long-term goals.
b. your learning style.
c. managing your time efficently.
d. getting good grades.
6. To actively read means to:
a. read aloud.
b. concentrate on understanding.
c. read fast.
d. minimize note-talking.
7. To be an effective communicator is to:
a. write well.
b. speak well.
c. be understood.
d. express your meaning clearly in writing and verbally.
8. Problem-solving is about:
a. coming up with solutions.
b. knowing the right formula or equation.
c. using critical thinking skills in the process.
d. only mathematics.
9. Test-taking is:
a. the only measure of learning.
b. a necessary tool of lerning.
c. the end-all and to be-all of college education.
d. dispensable.
10. Information from the internet is:
a. always credible.
b. a good source for research material.
c. the easiest material to research.
d. as good as library materials.

World Civilizations I
1. The three centeral aspects of jewish religious belief were the:
a. priests, rabbis and prophets.
b. covenant, the law and the prophets.
c. army, the king and the family.
d. law, the pharisees and the rabbinate.
2. In early china, it was believed that the universe was divided between two primary forces:
a. the sun as the yang and the moon as the yin.
b. the sun as the yin and the moon as the yang.
c. the sun as the tin and the moon as the tang.
d. heaven as the qing and earth as the ming.
3. The Roman general who began a new system of military recruitment that made soilders loyal to their general and not the Senate, was:
a. Marius.
b. Tiberius Gracchus.
c. Crassus.
d. Caesar.
4. The military defeat of the Byzantine armies by the Selijuk Turks, and which led the Crusades was the Battle of:
a. the Tigris.
b. Manzikert.
c. Tours.
d. Anatolia.
5. Which of the following was NOT true about the spread of Islam in Africa?:
a. it achieved only limited success in the mountains of Ethiopia.
b. its concepts of egalitarianism and polygamy had great appeal among the common people.
c. It interfered with the efforts of Africn rulers to strengthen their power.
d. A different and distinctly African form of the religion developed, as local religious practices replaced basic Islamic ones.
6. The name given to the Asian region northwest of traditional China that was pacified by the Tang was:
a. Xinjiang.
b. Korea.
c. Japan.
d. Silla.
7. The Principality of Kiev was founded by:
a. Central Asian Mongols.
b. Scandinavian Vikings.
c. Byzantines from Constantinople.
d. the Germanic Holy Roman Emperors.
8. Constantinople was Captured by the:
a. Seljuk Turks, led by Suleyman the Magnificent.
b. Ottoman Turks, led by Tameriane.
c. Safavids, under Shah Ismil.
d. Ottoman Turks, headed by Mehmet II.
9. During the "Great Peace" of the Tokugawa shogunate, all occurred EXCEPT:
a. daimyo duties for the shogun created economic pressures on the nobles.
b. by transforming the fief itno a form of wages, the daimyo were able to amelliorate the economic pressures they experienced.
c. Japan opened its borders to the West in the seventeenth century.
d. many of the samural were changed from warriors into managers.
10. The best statementof Laissez-faire as providing the foundatin for economic liberalism was made in 1776 by:
a. John Mcdonald.
c. Robert Walpole.
d. Robert Burns.

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Which of the following is a true statement about using the computer with young children?

A. Computers often increase socialization among children.
B. Computers when compared with other centers such as the manipulative center results in less interaction among children.
C. When children do interact at the computer they typically only do so to ask for help.
D. Computer experts often arise in classrooms with computers. These children are often the ones who are the most socially and academically proficient children in the classroom.

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Mark for Review What's This?

Which of the following criteria describes appropriate software for early childhood?

A. The program is an electronic worksheet that can give immediate feedback.
B. The program limits the child’s control (choosing from multiple paths, repeating a process) so that it is easier to use.
C. The program limits sensory input (sound, music, voice) so that it is not over stimulating.
D. The program scaffolds children’s learning by increasing the challenge.

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Mark for Review What's This?

According to the textbook, which of the following uses of technology would be appropriate for children under the age of two?

A. “The infants in my classroom like to watch the computer screen making different shapes. I place them in infant seats so that they can watch the screen.”
B. “The toddlers in my classroom enjoy experimenting with the light table.”
C. “I have shown the toddlers in my classroom how to use the video camera. They enjoy taking pictures and it is easy to erase those that aren’t any good.”
D. All of the above

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Mark for Review What's This?

Which of the following teachers is using an appropriate approach to computer instruction for young children?

A. “I conduct circle times where I show children using a photo how to operate the computer controls (on and off button, sound).”
B. “I take a hands-off approach to the computer. I think the only way you can really learn how to use the computer is through lots of practice.”
C. “I provide instruction to a small group of children right at the computer whenever I introduce a new computer program.”
D. None of the above

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Mark for Review What's This?

Which statement is true regarding the digital divide?

A. The digital divide no longer exists.
B. Children are more likely to have a computer at home if their parents have lower educational level.
C. Race affects access to computer and Internet use.
D. Schools are the “great equalizers” for computer use with computer access and software being similar at most schools.

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Mark for Review What's This?

Which of the following is a true statement about developing centers to support theme and project based learning?

A. It is important that every learning center in the classroom relate to the theme or project.
B. It is crucial to have a separate learning center to support the theme or project.
C. The theme or project may be supported by placing items in relevant learning centers or at times by developing a separate center.
D. Themes or projects cannot be supported by the learning environment.

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Mark for Review What's This?

It is recommended that indoor physical centers be set up in stations. Which of the following statements about stations is true?

A. Centers should be placed close together so that children can see all their options.
B. Two or three stations are typically sufficient.
C. Most centers will need to have close adult supervision.
D. Centers that children can use independently should be developed around the motor skills categories.

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Mark for Review What's This?

A child is just beginning your program who has been diagnosed with a sensory integration disorder involving the vestibular system. Which of the following materials might you place in the center to specifically assist the child with this condition?

A. A spinning disk or a sit and spin
B. A tall ladder to climb on
C. Bean bags and a target to throw at
D. Music to run to

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Mark for Review What's This?

Tanya wants to introduce puppetry to the children in her classroom. As far as Tanya knows the children have had no previous exposure to puppets. Which of the following would be the most effective way to introduce puppetry?

A. Set out a puppet stage and puppets and let the children experiment.
B. Have children begin by making their own box puppets.
C. Plan a formal puppet show with each child having a part.
D. Model the use of puppets and have children participate in puppet exercises during a circle time activity.

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Mark for Review What's This?

What would be an appropriate activity for children’s first wood working attempts?

A. Pounding nails into a piece of wood
B. Building a simple bird house
C. Measuring and sawing a piece of wood into equal parts
D. Creating a sculpture by sawing the wood and nailing the pieces together.

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Mark for Review What's This?

According to the textbook, which of the following statements is true in regard to technology use by young children?

A. The majority of young children do not use technology.
B. Computers should not be used by children under six since they are detrimental to children’s health.
C. Computers can replace many other tools currently in classrooms such as drawing materials.
D. Computers are a tool that can be appropriately or inappropriately used.

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Mark for Review What's This?

Which of the following approaches does the book promote for using computers in early childhood settings?

A. It is best to not have computers in an early childhood classroom.
B. It is best to have a separate computer lab where all the children can use the computer at once.
C. It is best to use computers throughout the classroom, placing them in different learning centers.
D. It is best to have the computers all grouped in a technology center in the classroom.

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Mark for Review What's This?

Which of the following teachers is using the computer most effectively?

A. “I use the computer primarily for math practice and drill.”
B. “I use the computer so that children can manipulate geometric figures.”
C. “I use the computer to manipulate figures and place the actual hands-on manipulatives nearby.”
D. “I believe that my preschool children learn more if they only use hands-on manipulatives. The computer is too likely to just be a plaything. Therefore, I do not use the computer for math.”

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Mark for Review What's This?

An ergonomic workstation for young children would contain which of the following?

A. An adjustable workstation
B. A tray below the computer for the keyboard and mouse
C. A monitor that is directly in front of the child
D. All of the above

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Mark for Review What's This?

Which statement is true regarding the use of the computer for children with special needs?

A. It is better for children with special needs to use hands-on activities rather than computers.
B. Technology can be a compensatory tool for children with disabilities.
C. Children’s attention spans are reduced when using the computer, so it is especially important to avoid computers for children who have attention issues.
D. Computers tend to aggravate problems for children with autism giving them less opportunity to practice communication skills.

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Mark for Review What's This?

The National Association for Sport and Physical Education would support which of the following statements?

A. It is not necessary to plan structured physical activities since children get all the activity they need through play.
B. If children are engaged in structured physical activity, it is not necessary to provide opportunities for unstructured physical activity.
C. It is important that preschool and elementary children have both structured and unstructured physical activity daily. However, toddlers need only unstructured activities.
D. Toddlers, preschoolers, and elementary children all need both structured and unstructured physical activity daily.

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Mark for Review What's This?

In planning appropriate materials for the physical center it is important to consider the object size and weight. Which of the following statements regarding object size and weight is true?

A. It is easier to kick a ball that is heavier.
B. It is easier to throw a ball that is larger.
C. It is easier to catch a larger ball.
D. It is easier to strike a smaller object.

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Mark for Review What's This?

Which of the following statements by teachers reflects the information found in the textbook regarding puppetry?

A. “I don’t have space for puppetry in my classroom. The large puppet stage that is needed would interfere with other centers in my classroom. However, if I had the room I would definitely add a puppet center.”
B. “I teach preschool children. I find that they are too young for puppetry. However, if I taught kindergarten I would definitely emphasize puppetry.”
C. “I have added finger puppets and a shoebox stage to my manipulative center. I also have some materials in the art center that children use to create their own puppets.”
D. “I don’t have a puppet center. However, each spring we put on a puppet show for the parents. I am looking for a script right now.”

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Mark for Review What's This?

Which of the following would meet the criteria discussed in the textbook for a one-portion recipe for kindergarten children?

A. Making a loaf of banana bread from a mix
B. Making individual brownies
C. Making individual fruit salads
D. Making cinnamon rolls from scratch

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Mark for Review What's This?

Which of the following statements is true in regard to woodworking for preschoolers?

A. Preschoolers are too young to participate in woodworking.
B. It is best to conduct woodworking as a group activity.
C. Preschoolers are capable of using a hammer but should never use a saw.
D. A woodworking center for preschoolers should contain a variety of different types of tools such as hammers, pliers, hand saws, screwdrivers, etc.

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