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1. (TCO 1) Sociology: (Points : 5) is the systematic

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1. (TCO 1) Sociology: (Points : 5)
is the systematic study of social behavior and human groups.
focuses primarily on the influence of social relationships upon people's attitudes and behavior, as well as the influence of people's attitudes and behavior upon social relationships.
focuses on how societies are established and how they change.
All of the above

2. (TCO 1) A key element in the sociological imagination is the ability to view one's own society: (Points : 5)
from the perspective of personal experience.
from the perspective of cultural biases.
as an outsider.
as an insider.

3. (TCO 3) Which sociological perspective sees the social world as a continual struggle over resources? (Points : 5)
Functionalist perspective
Conflict perspective
Interactionist perspective
Feminist perspective

4. (TCO 2) People may behave differently in artificial situations than they would in the real world. This poses a particular problem for researchers using: (Points : 5)
content analysis.

5. (TCO 4) Discovery is: (Points : 5)
the combination of existing cultural items into a form that did not previously exist.
the process of introducing new elements into a culture.
the process of making known or sharing the existence of an aspect of reality.
the process by which cultural items spread to different groups.

6. (TCO 4) Which of the following statements reflects the views of the functionalist perspective? (Points : 5)
Attempts to create bilingualism in the United States represent subordinate language minorities seeking opportunities of self-expression.
Attacks on bilingualism represent an ethnocentric point of view, which holds that any deviation from the majority language is bad.
Teaching all new members of a culture the same language serves to unify members of a society.
Both B and C

7. (TCO 4) Sociologist William I. Thomas coined this phrase, which refers to the notion that people respond to the meaning that a particular situation has for them. (Points : 5)
Looking-glass self
Master status
Social interaction
Definition of the situation

8. (TCO 3) The teacher-expectancy effect reflects the views of which sociological perspective? (Points : 5)

9. (TCO 4) In this stage of Mead's stages of the self, children begin to understand the generalized other: (Points : 5)
game stage.
preparatory stage.
play stage.
looking-glass self.

10. (TCO 4) Which one of the following would be an example of a social institution? (Points : 5)
The United States government
A group of passengers on an inner-city bus
The members of a stamp-collecting society
A children's playgroup

11. (TCO 4, 9) The fear of contracting AIDS probably has led to changes in sexual behavior in the United States among both homosexuals and heterosexuals. Which sociological perspective would focus on these changes in sexual relationships? (Points : 5)
Functionalist perspective
Conflict perspective
Interactionist perspective
Feminist perspective

12. (TCO 4) A collection of people who happen to be in the same place at the same time, but who do not interact in a meaningful manner, is called a (an): (Points : 5)

13. (TCO 4) A college is run by a board of trustees, which hires a president, who in turn selects vice presidents, deans, and other administrators. This is an example of the bureaucratic characteristic of: (Points : 5)
written rules and regulations.
division of labor.
hierarchy of authority.

14. (TCO 3, 6) Which sociological perspective(s) would most likely emphasize that mass media exacerbates many divisions in our society, including those based on gender, race, ethnicity, and social class? (Points : 5)
Functionalist perspective
Conflict perspective
Interactionist perspective
Feminist perspective

15. (TCO 6, 7) The term media monitoring can be applied to: (Points : 5)
interest groups' monitoring of media content.
government monitoring of individuals' phone calls without their knowledge.
Both A and B
None of the above
1. (TCO 4) In Robert Merton's terms, people who blindly enforce bureaucratic regulations can be classified as: (Points : 5)

2. (TCO 6, 7) Al Bundy, the bigoted fictional character of the television series "Married with Children," might loudly proclaim that certain people are lazy, shiftless, and collect welfare. This generalization is an example of: (Points : 5)
a stereotype.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you so much Bizhelp but I couldn't ask my full questions cuz i ran out of characters can you please answer these few more?


3. (TCO 3, 7) Which of the following is an example of serial monogamy? (Points : 5)
Dave is married to Sheila, but they get divorced and he then marries Marlene. After they get divorced, he marries Janet, and when she dies, he marries Lorraine.
Maria is married to Juan. Juan dies and Maria marries Carlos.
Steve shares an apartment with Bonnie for five years, while also dating Joan and Karen.
both A and B

4. (TCO 5) Sociologists argue that this, which refers to the physical separation of groups of people, directly limits people's economic opportunity: (Points : 5)
residential segregation.
racial profiling.

5. (TCO 8, 9) Social movements: (Points : 5)
have had a dramatic impact on history and social change in many nations.
contribute to the formation of public opinion.
are increasingly taking on an international dimension.
All of the above

6. (TCO 5, 6) In sociological terms, members of a minority group: (Points : 5)
experience unequal treatment.
are outnumbered by the dominant group.
speak a different language than the dominant group.
are members of a different religious group than the dominant group.

7. (TCO 5, 6) A Colombian woman and an Italian man, working together as members of a construction crew, overcome their initial prejudices and come to appreciate each other's talents and strengths. This is an example of: (Points : 5)
the self-fulfilling prophecy.
the contact hypothesis.
exploitation theory.

8. (TCO 3) A woman works as a college professor teaching applied sociology for 25 years and decides to retire and work full-time as a marriage and family therapist. This is an illustration of which type of social mobility? (Points : 5)
Intergenerational mobility
Intragenerational mobility
Horizontal mobility
Vertical mobility

9. (TCO 3) Which of the following did Max Weber suggests were key components of stratification? (Points : 5)
Conformity, deviance, and social control
Class, caste, and age
Class, prestige, and esteem
Class, status, and power

10. (TCO 3) Which theorist argued that the degree of social and economic inequality in contemporary society far exceeds what is needed to provide for goods and services? (Points : 5)
Max Weber
Karl Marx
Thorstein Veblen
Gerhard Lenski, Jr.

11. (TCO 3, 7) Which sociological perspective would suggest that teaching of creationism and social integration of sacred and profane traditions helps to transmit the dominant culture and encourage social cohesion? (Points : 5)
Functionalist perspective
Conflict perspective
Interactionist perspective
Global perspective

12. (TCO 2) The statement, "Working mothers are more likely to have delinquent children than are mothers who do not work outside the home," is an example of: (Points : 5)
causal logic.
a correlation.
an independent variable.
a hypothesis.

13. (TCO 2) Continuing dependence of former colonies on foreign countries refers to: (Points : 5)
dependency theory.
global inequality.

14. (TCO 8, 9) This approach to health and illness focuses on inequities in access to and delivery of healthcare. (Points : 5)
Functionalist approach
Conflict approach
Interactionist approach
Labeling approach

15. (TCO 4) According to this theory, our connection to other members of society leads us to conform to society's norms and rules. (Points : 5)
Social disorganization theory
Anomie theory
Conflict theory
Control theory


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