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For TheDoctor, Hello again, I need you to make two different

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For TheDoctor, Hello again, I need you to make two different java programs for this assignment. I will pay you extra. Your consulting firm has been hired to develop a program that meets the following requirements. Your program must provide a menu to the user. This menu should list five different products of your choice. Once the user selects one product, they should specify which state they are located. The state choices should include CT, VT, WI, CA and WA. State taxes vary for each state (7.5%, 7.8%, 6.8%, 7.2% and 6.4%, respectively). The user should then specify the desired number of cases (assume there are 12 items per case). The appropriate state tax should be added to the total cost of the product (Item quantity multiplied by unit price). Next, using the Math class random method, generate 20 numbers ranging between 1-100. Ensure there are no duplicates. Display the following to the user. Name of the product selected Number of cases Number of items Subtotal (units * price per unit) State tax (with the percentage and state abbreviation in parentheses), Total cost (subtotal plus state tax) The table of random numbers displayed in a table of five numbers per row.


You need to use at least one repetition statement, one selection statement, Scanner class, at least one array and the random method in this code. For generating random numbers you should use the random () static method of class Math. It returns a double so you will need to cast it as an integer. For example,

number = (int) ( range * Math.random () ) + 1;

Your assignment submittal should include your Java program with commented Java source code files.


She also grades off of her grade rubric:

ITCO620-Unit   3 Individual Project

Grading   Rubric


The code compiled and the class file was submitted


The program executed and the expected output was displayed to   the screen


The code was developed using proper naming conventions


Logic was developed based upon the stated requirements


Menu of items or necessary prompts were displayed to the user   for selection


Scanner class was used to obtain end user input


Math class random method was used


Necessary variables were defined with at least one array used


Proper equations were defined and calculations were made


The program included at least one repetition and one selection statement


Random numbers were generated for the appropriate number and   range


The table was printed as defined


Random numbers were checked for uniqueness (duplicates were   eliminated)


The code was commented adequately


100 points


Hello again Terry. Thank you for requesting me.

Because you are asking for two version of this, I must kind request that you adjust the question price before I begin work. I will submit an under-priced report. You will receive an email with the suggested price. You can edit the question and change the question price to the suggested price.

Thank you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok I will change it to $60 for both.


I also wanted to tell you that the last assignment I got from you last week. I got an F for it because she said it didn't compile. One had 4 errors and the other only had 1 error this is what she said. I turned in the assignment with no changes made by me as you instructed me last week as you stated they were turn in ready. I sent you the rubric this time so you can see exactly what she is looking for because it seems to be more than what is included in the original instructions she assigns.


FYI.. my friend that I referred to you got an A but the other two both got "F" 's.

All of the projects I have sent you compile perfectly. The one I gave your friend that you referred was exactly the same as the other, but with different code. If any of them did not compile then it would have been impossible to provide you with class files. I gave you class files for all of them, which is undeniable proof that they compiled without errors. I know that you had some issues with crossing the files and overwriting one project with another, which would definitely cause major issues.

If you would like, I can opt out and let another professional work on this for you.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

NO I don't want to you to opt out. I just wanted you to know how I was being graded by my professor. I agree that in order to get a class file it has to compile, but she is trying to tell me otherwise that the file didn't. what we did was download and submitted as it, but she saying there were errors that stopped from viewing properly.


Honestly I think she is just trying to be difficult with us, I don't think its your work at all. Because she said it was great work but it didn't compile and that is why I got an F.


That's why this time I sent the grading rubrics she uses to try and avoid any further error.



Hello again, Ricardo.

Alright. I will make it simpler to compile and keep them separate this time.

I will contact you once they are ready.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok thanks


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