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1. Which one of the following situation is an example of situational

Customer Question

1. Which one of the following situation is an example of situational irony?
A. Richard Cory commits suicide
B. Sanger Rainsford falls overboard in the Carribean
C. The narrator of "Bartleby" changes his opinion of the scrivener.
D. In "Every Use", Mama has an epiphany.

2. In what point of view does the reader act like a spectator?

A. Omniscient
B. third-person limited
C. First-person
D. Objective

3. Which one of the following statements might describe the theme of a story?

A. A young man rescues a family from their burning home.
B. Honesty sometimes requires a person to be humble.
C. Four boys trapped in a cave find a hidden treasure
D. A wealthy businessperson tries to control the outcome of an election.

4. "We must continue on after the death of a loved one." This statement summarizes the theme of the poem

A. "Out, Out-"
B. "Loveliest of Trees."
C. "Richard Corey."
D. "The Chimney sweeper."

5. In poetry, the term imagery is associated with

A. Word pictures
B. the senses
C. The theme
D. The rhyme scheme

6. Which one of the following statements is an example of a metaphor?

A. She slid down the slope in record speed.
B. her mind was like a trap set to spring at any moment.
C. He was a bear when he didn't get enough sleep.
D. He never shirked his duty.

7. The line "Thou [Death] art slave to fate, chance, kings, and desperate men" is an example of

A. Alliteration
B. A simile
C. An allegory
D. Personificatin

8. Who is the protagonist in "A Worn Path"?

A. The Hunter
B. Phoenix Jackson
C. The grandson
D. The nurse

9. The repetition of initial consonant sounds in a line of poetry is known as

A. Alliteration
B. consonance
C. Dissonance
D. Assonance

10. A poet line of six feet is known as

A. Monometer
B. dimeter
C. Pentameter
D. Hexameter

11. In a/an _______, a character turns from other characters and speak directly to the audience

A. Dialog
B. aside
C. Monologue
D. Soliloquy

12. From what point of view is the story " Everyday use" written?

A. Omniscient
B. Third-person limited
C. First-person
D. Objective

13. "Don't get up on my account" said the wife to her husband, as she lugged in an armful of groceries. This statement is an example of

A. Personification
B. alliteration
C. Verbal irony
D. Symbolism

14. Which one of the following plays is a farce?

A. The Boor
B. A Midsummer Night's Dream
C. Oedipus Rex
D. Los Vendidos

15. What is one main difference between commercial fiction and literary fiction

A. Commercial fiction is generally longer than literary fiction
B. Commercial fiction has a moral; literary fiction does not
C. Commercial fiction is meant to entertain; literary is meant to make readers think
D. Commercial fiction is humorous and light; literary fiction is tragic and somber

16. Which one of the following characteristics is generally considered important for the protagonist of a tragedy?

A. Selfishness
B. Greed
C. Honesty
D. Nobility

17. Which one of the following persons would be considered a flat character?

A. Ivan ("The Most Dangerous Game")
B. Emily ("A Rose for Emily")
C narrator ("Bartleby the Scrivener")
D.Mr. Kapasi ("interpreter of Maladies")

18. In a "Worn Path" the name pheonix is symbolic of

A. Endurance
B. Bird-like qualities
C. Medicine
D. Selfishness

19. Which one of the following words has the most negative connotations?

A. Home
B. House
C. Mansion
D. Shack

20. Which one of the following words is an example of an iamb?

A. Portray
B. Tempest
C. Chronic
D. Biggest
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