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69. What is a random sample? Explain why researchers in psychology do not typically use random samples in their research. 3 points 70. Explain how the peer review process generally works in scientific research.3 points 72. Explain how a theory that is inaccurate can still be scientifically useful. 3 points 73. What are the pros and cons of informal and formal theories? When might each one be preferred to the other? 3 points 75. Why does experimental research generally have higher internal validity than nonexperimental research? 3 points 77. What are the pros and cons of closed-ended questionnaire items relative to open-ended questionnaire items? 3 points 78. Imagine that you are conducting a survey. What are three things that you could do to maximize the response rate? 3 points Short Answer (4 points each, Answer all 3 items below) 79. What are three ways that people who volunteer to participate in psychology studies differ from people who do not volunteer to participate? Explain why these differences might be important. 4 points 80. What were two ethical problems with Milgram’s (1963) famous obedience study? How does each one fit into the framework for thinking about ethical issues? 4 points 81. Explain the most interesting topic/concepts you learned about in this course and why . 4 points

I was hoping you could provide insight into exactly what response you are trying to get... What are the pros and cons of formal and informal theories...
I have answer all other question though
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Thank you. I believe my professor is looking for an example of a closed ended questionnaire with open ended questions and how that would be beneficia to the survey.
Ok good thanks!

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