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Professor Higgins has asked you to design the logic that will

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Professor Higgins has asked you to design the logic that will be used to calculate final class averages and grades for his students. His grading algorithm is as follows:

Exam average: 50%
Quiz average: 30%
Lab average: 20%

Professor Higgins has 30 students in his class. For each student, Professor Higgins will enter the value for each of the averages (exam, quiz, and lab). Then, using the weighting above, the program will calculate the final student class average and store each student's final average into an array. The program will then determine the letter grade for each student using the following criteria:

90 - 100: A
80 - 89: B
70 - 79: C
60 - 69: D
Less than 59: F

When the student's final grade is determined, the final grade will be stored in a second "grade" array.

After the array has loaded, the program will perform the following:

Display the scores and grades for all the students
Total class average (total of all individual student averages / number in class)

Design a program using structured pseudocode as demonstrated in the lectures and, ensuring all variables are declared, prompt the user for the appropriate input and display a meaningful output message. If an average score is entered that is less than 0, set the average score to 0. If an average score is greater than 100, set the average score to 100. Provide a program introduction message that tells the user how to use the program.
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