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Due 1159pm tonight 1A). Discuss the Georgia Identity Theft

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Due 1159pm tonight

1A). Discuss the Georgia Identity Theft Law of 1998. Review its provisions (see Pages 444-445) and discuss whether or not students think similar measures should be put in place in all states.

1) What is the difference between criminal law and civil law?

2) What is tort law and what does it permit an individual to do?

3) What is the primary examples of public law?

4) Which law amended the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986, and what did it change?

5) Which organization led the efforts to overturn the Computer Decency Act? What happened to the law it opposed?

6) What is privacy, in the context of information security?

7) What is another name for the Kennedy-Kassebaum Act (1996), and why is it important to organization that are not in the health care industry?

8) If you work for a financial service organization (such as a bank or credit union), which law from 1999 a affects your use of customer data? What other effects does it have?

9) Which 1997 law provides guidance on the use of encryption?

10) What is intellectual property? Is it offered the same protection in every country? What laws currently protect intellectual property in the United States and Europe?

11) What is a policy? How does is differ from a law?

12) What are the three general categories of unethical and illegal behavior?

13) What is best method for preventing an illegal or unethical activity?

14) Of the professional organizations listed in this chapter, which has been established for the longest time? When was it founded?

15) Of the professional organization listed in this chapter, which is focused on auditing and control?

16) What is the stated purpose of the SANS organization? In what ways is it involved in professional certification for information security professionals?

17) Which U.S. federal agency sponsors the InfraGard program? Which agency has taken control of the overall National Infrastructure Protection mission?

18) What is due care? Why would an organization want to make sure it exercise due care in its usual course of operations?

19) What can be done to deter someone from committing a crime?

20) How does due diligence differ from due care? Why are both important?

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