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There are many people that have difficulties with sleep and

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Attachment: 2013-08-04_085320_auo_psy101_data_tracking_sheet-1.docx

There are many people that have difficulties with sleep and many studies that psychologists have researched to help explain this human behavior. In this assignment you will have the opportunity to do a study of your own on yourself! Your goal is to conduct a basic A/B control study to evaluate the alternate breathing method and objectively evaluate the results on aiding sleep. For 3 consecutive nights, fill out the Data Tracking Sheet (Data A), which records any rituals of before bed activity (read, watch TV, exercise, etc.), to track your normal pattern of falling asleep. In the morning record how long (approximately) it took to fall asleep, how many times you woke during the night, how rested you feel on a scale of 1-10, and anything unusual (you were sick, spouse was snoring) that impacted your sleep. Next, read the assigned material on alternate nostril breathing in the lecture pages under Health Psychology in Module 2. Feel free to conduct your own research on Argosy’s library. After this try the alternate nostril breathing each night for 3 consecutive nights while lying in bed, lights off, right as you go to sleep. Practice the alternate breathing routine at least 10 times each of the 3 nights. Gather the same data in the Data Tracking Sheet (Data B). Then create a report that summarizes and analyzes the results of your “study”. The report must address whether or not the hypothesis that alternate nostril breathing works as a natural sleep aid was supported. In your report, address the following: Summarize the results of your study. Determine the mean (average) amount of time it took you to fall asleep during the normal phase and the alternate breathing phase. Do the same for number of times waking, and the restfulness score each morning. Was there a difference between the two conditions (normal vs. alternate nostril breathing)? Analyze your results from a data and biological perspective. In your analysis, make sure to answer the following questions: Was the hypothesis that alternate nostril breathing works as a natural sleep aid supported through the study? Do these claims make sense biologically? Is there scientific or biological evidence that could support this technique? Why would this method work biologically? Describe and analyze cultural and ethical implications of natural versus medical remedies for sleep. Make sure to address how such remedies apply to various clients and the strengths and weaknesses of both types of remedies. Describe from a scientific perspective why some people might be skeptical of this technique. Answer anticipated questions such as: Are potential objectives related to cultural issues (i.e. Western medicine vs. Eastern)? What scientific methods used are used in various studies, etc… What are the stages of applying the scientific method? Directions Gather data for the first 3 days (Data A) on the Data Tracking Sheet. Read and research Alternate Nostril Breathing. Review section in Lecture pages. Complete the Data Tracking Sheet for the last 3 days (Data B) on form. Summarize the results of the “study”. Analyze whether or not the hypothesis that alternate nostril breathing works as a natural sleep aid was supported via data. Discuss how alternate nostril breathing works as a natural sleep aid, what biological systems might be involved, and how it might help from a biological perspective. Describe and analyze cultural and ethical implications of natural vs. medical remedies for sleep, including some strengths and weaknesses. Describe from a scientific perspective the process of research and which components this study included. Use this to explain why some might be skeptical of this technique. By Sunday, August 4, 2013, submit a 4-6 page paper in Microsoft Word format that addresses all of the above assignment components. Be sure to respond to all aspects of the assignment and to cite any sources in APA format. Include a title and a reference page (not included in the 4-6 page total). Submit the paper, as well as your data tracking sheet

Kathy :

Thanks for your request. I am familiar with your assignment; however, I cannot commit to complete it until late this evening because this is a long assignment. Please let me know if the timing is not suitable for you so I can opt out to allow another expert to assist.


That is fine. Can you give me a general time line on what time you planning to have it done. I live in WA state.

Kathy :

Around 11 pm CST. Thanks


Im fine with that, thanks!


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