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Moorhouse Clinic uses client visits as its measure of activity.

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Moorhouse Clinic uses client visits as its measure of activity. During December, the clinic budgeted for
3,700 client visits, but its actual level of activity was 3,690 client visits. The clinic has provided the
following data concerning the formulas used in its budgeting and its actual results for December:
Data used in budgeting:
Fixed element Variable element
per month per client-visit

Revenue ____-____ $25.10
Personnel expenses $27,100 $7.10
Medical supplies 1,500 4.50
Occupancy expenses 6,000 1.00
Administrative expenses 3,000 0.10
Total expenses $37,600 $12.70
Actual results
for December:
Revenue $96,299
Personnel expenses $51,009
Medical supplies $17,425
Occupancy expenses $9,240
Administrative expenses $3,239

2. The medical supplies in the flexible budget for December would be closest to

A. $17,472.
B. $17,378.
C. $18,150.
D. $18,105.

14. Cole Laboratories makes and sells a lawn fertilizer called Fastgro. The company has developed standard costs for one bag Fastgro as follows:
Standard Quantity Standard Cost per Bag
Direct material 20 pounds $8.00
Direct labor 0.1 hours $1.10
Variable overhead 0.1 hours $0.40

The company had no beginnings inventories of any kind on January 1. Variable overhead is applied to production on the basis of standard direct labor hours. During January, the company recorded the following activity
Production of Fastgro: 4,000 bags
Direct materials purchased: 85,000 pounds at a cost of $32,300
Direct-labor worked: 390 hours at a cost of $4,875
Variable overhead incurred: $1,4875
Inventory of direct material on January 31: 3,000 pounds
The material quantity variance for January is
A. $300U.
B. $750F.
C. $800U.
D. $300F.

5. Based on the information above: The total variance (both rate and efficiency) for variable overhead for January is
E. A. $100U.
F. B. $40F.
G. C. $125F.
H. D. $85F.

20. The company plans to sell 22,000 units of Product WZ in June. The finished goods inventories on June 1 and June 30 are budgeted to be 100 and 400 units, respectively. The direct labor hours are 11,000 and the direct labor rate is $10.50. Budgeted direct-labor costs for June would be
A. $111,075
B. $445,700
C. $234,150.
A. D $462,000

8. Kava Inc. manufactures industrial components. One of its products, which is used in the construction of industrial air conditioners, is known as K65. Data concerning this product are given below:

Selling price $180 per unit
Direct materials $29
Direct Labor $5
Vaiable manufacturing overhead $4
Fixed manufacturing overhead $21
Variable selling expense $2
Fixed selling and administrative expense $17

The above per unit data are based on annual production of 4,000 units of the component. Direct labor can be considered to be a variable cost. The company has received a special, one-time-only order for 500 units of component K65. There would be no variable selling expense on this special order, and the total fixed manufacturing overhead and fixed selling and administrative expenses of the company wouldn't be affected by the order. Assuming that Kava has excess capacity and can fill the order without cutting back on the production of any product, what is the minimum price per unit on the special order below which the company shouldn't go?

A. $59
B. $78
C. $180
D. $38

13. Which of the following would be considered a “use” of cash for the purpose of constructing a statement of cash flow?

A. Issuing long-term debt
B. Purchasing equipment
C. Amortizing a patent
D. Selling the company’s own common stock to investors.

Use the following information to answer this question.
The most recent balance sheet and income statement of Teramoto Corporation appear below:
Comparative Balance Sheet Ending
Balance Beginning
Cash and cash equivalents
Accounts receivable
Plant and equipment
Less accumulated depreciation
Total assets
Liabilities and stockholders' equity
Accounts payable
Wages payable
Taxes payable
Bonds payable
Deferred taxes
Common stock
Retained earnings
Total liabilities and stockholders' equity

Income Statement
Cost of good sold
Gross margin
Selling and administrative expense
Net operating income
Income taxes
Net income


19. The net cash provided by (used by) investing activities for the year was
A. ($77).
B. ($92).
C. $92.
D. $77.



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