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The executive and the secretary enjoyed _______ discussion. A.

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The executive and the secretary enjoyed _______ discussion.
A. they
B. they're
C. there
D. their
2. Regarding the appropriate use of parentheses, all of the following statements are correct, except which
A. Parentheses may be used to de-emphasize some portion of a sentence.
B. Parentheses may be used to emphasize a counter argument.
C. Parentheses may be used to enclose and provide supplemental information.
D. Parentheses may be used to explain a phrase or clause.
3. Everyone, everything, and everybody are always matched in sentences with which of the following?
A. Singular verb
B. Adverb
C. Plural verb
D. Adjective
4. Select the correctly punctuated item.
A. At the grocery store, he bought the following items (milk, bread, and eggs).
B. At the grocery store, he bought the following items; milk, bread, and eggs.
C. At the grocery store, he bought the following items: milk, bread, and eggs.
D. At the grocery store, he bought the following items, milk, bread, and eggs.
5. Which of the following would be the best choice for introducing a paragraph?
A. That is why we have chosen gray, steel file cabinets.
B. Those were the procedures for preparing boiled eggs.
C. As you can now see, the history of the Ajax Soap Company is long and proud.
D. We selected Ellen as manager for several reasons.
6. Select the sentence in which a word has been italicized incorrectly.
A. He was an avant garde poet who lived hard and died young.
B. Her favorite Broadway musical is South Pacific.
C. According to an article in today's Washington Post, Senator Giles will resign.
D. Funding for the NASA space program has been cut in recent years.
7. Which of the following phrases correctly uses an apostrophe and the letter s?
A. womans' clothing
B. children's problem
C. ladie's lingerie
D. monkeys's noise
8. Which of the following statements correctly describes the function of transitions between paragraphs?
A. Every sentence needs to be connected to the next with a stated transition word or phrase.
B. Transitions should be used only by professional writers.
C. Transitions can make writing more clear by giving the reader clues about what to expect.
D. Transitions should be removed when you're finishing a piece of writing.
9. Which one of the following statements accurately reflects a rule for the use of abbreviations?
A. The symbol "$" may stand alone in a sentence, because it's a familiar symbol.
B. The abbreviation "Ph.D." may be written only in conjunction with a proper name.
C. The abbreviations "p.m." and "P.M. can be used interchangeably within a document.
D. The abbreviation "B.C." should be associated with a number, such as 44 B.C.
10. Select the appropriate word.
His hope and dream _______ finding true love.
A. always
B. is
C. with
D. are
11. Select the appropriate word to complete the following sentence.
The secretarial tasks are divided _______ several people.
A. through
B. between
C. among
D. of
12. Select the correctly punctuated item.
A. She was a, faithful generous and devoted friend.
B. She was a faithful, generous, and devoted, friend.
C. She was a faithful, generous, and devoted friend.
D. She was a faithful generous and devoted friend.
13. In which of the following sentences is there agreement between the subject and the verb?
A. Either Mavis or Cameron is responsible for answering the phone.
B. Twenty years are a long time to wait.
C. I think both hard work and time to play is important for each individual.
D. The number of people who voted were surprisingly low.
14. Consider this quote: "In each of these historical instances . . . mistrust led to misunderstanding, which
led to armed conflict." The ellipsis in this quote is appropriate if
A. the omitted words express the bias of the person quoted.
B. it stands for the omission of only a single word.
C. the omission is longer than 10 words.
D. the meaning and spirit of the quote is retained.
15. Select the appropriate word to complete the following sentence.
_______ client is Mr. Jackson?
A. Who's
B. Whose's
C. Whose
D. Whos
16. In a well-written paragraph, the explanatory sentences are appropriate responses to the _______
sentence of the paragraph.
A. theoretical
B. leading
C. concluding
D. topic
17. Select the correctly punctuated item.
A. The "attorney said, I plan to be in court today".
B. The attorney said, "I plan to be in court today".
C. The attorney said, "I plan to be in court today."
D. The attorney said, "I ‘plan to be' in court today.
18. Which of the following has a hyphen that's used correctly?
A. Last Friday, we dined at a first-rate restaurant.
B. The un-ripe apple was not red; it was green.
C. They thought it would be a quickly-fought war.
D. I like to have buttered-bread in the morning.
End of exam
19. Which of the following abbreviations requires the use of a period or periods?
A. PA (the abbreviation for Pennsylvania)
B. YWCA (an organization for young women)
C. Fe (the chemical symbol for iron)
D. am (the abbreviation for before noon)
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can i get help with one more?

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well if you can do it now that would be kind its same 20 questions it maybe easier than the last

Sure thing, go for it.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Three of the following words are synonyms. One word doesn't belong with the other three. Which word
doesn't belong?
A. Create
B. Promise
C. Vow
D. Pledge
2. Which one of the following pairs of words is an example of a near homonym?
A. Do/due
B. Alter/altar
C. Their/there
D. Adapt/adopt
3. Of the different kinds of vocabularies, the one that's the largest is the _______ vocabulary.
A. written
B. casual
C. recognition
D. oral
4. In which of the following is the word agreeable divided correctly into syllables?
A. Agre·eable
B. Ag·re·e·ab·le
C. A·gr·ee·ab·l·e
D. A·gree·a·ble
5. In which of the following sentences is the word compliment used correctly?
A. She remembered to compliment him each time he played well.
B. She had difficulty finding a full compliment to staff the hotel.
C. The entire compliment of officers and crew was aboard ship.
D. His jacket and pants seemed to compliment to each other.
6. Which one of the following words is spelled correctly?
A. Worryed
B. Applyed
C. Justifyed
D. Relayed
7. Read this sentence carefully.
The autocratic leader handed out orders left and right.
What kind of context clue would you use to understand the meaning of autocratic?
A. A clue offered by an example
B. Clues from your experience or general information
C. A clue provided by contrast with a signal word
D. Clues from another sentence
8. For most people, homonyms are confusing because they
A. sound alike.
B. look alike.
C. have similar meanings.
D. are spelled the same.
9. You're using a dictionary to look up unfamiliar words. Which of these words is least likely to be an entry
A. Soberly
B. Expedite
C. Frigate
D. Streamer
10. The words who's and whose are
A. context clues.
B. antonyms.
C. homonyms.
D. synonyms.
11. While reading a story, you come across the following sentence:
Although Mary was often unfriendly, she established rapport quickly with Jane.
By contrasting the word rapport with the word unfriendly, you realize that rapport means "friendly
relations." The skill you've just used is called
A. structural analysis.
B. context clues.
C. dictionary skill.
D. phonetic analysis.
12. The following words have roots with one syllable. To each, the -ing suffix has been added. Which
word is spelled correctly?
A. Meeting
B. Shiping
C. Triming
D. Hiting
13. Each of the following words has a root ending in y. To each, the suffix -ed has been added. Which
word is spelled correctly?
A. Defyed
B. Spyed
C. Conveyed
D. Ferryed
14. Read each of the following words aloud. Which has a silent consonant?
A. Knee
B. Plane
C. Cringe
D. Crest
15. The words disclosure and concealment are
A. synonyms.
B. homonyms.
C. equivalents.
D. antonyms.
16. Which of these words is spelled incorrectly because it violates the rules for ie versus ei words or
exceptions to those rules?
A. Surfeit
B. Sovereign
C. Slieght
D. Siege
17. The following words each contain the letters c, i, and e. Which word is spelled correctly?
A. Recieve
B. Concieve
C. Decieve
D. Science
18. Speak aloud each of the following words. Which word has stress on its first syllable?
End of exam
A. Fol·low
B. Re·new
C. Ob·tain
D. De·test
19. Which sentence contains an antonym for confirmed?
A. She disregarded most of the traffic laws.
B. The cold affected their performance.
C. They both denied any guilt.
D. He arranged the details for the sale of the yacht.
20. To perform a structural analysis on the word metaphysician, one of the factors you would identify is
the _______ of the word.
A. root
B. origin
C. connotation
D. meaning

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