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1.What information system allows the firm to __________.1.

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1.What information system allows the firm to __________. 1. provide a web site that accounts for nearly all their recent growth 2. manage the business and provide outstanding customer support 3. gain recognition and provide credibility to the general public 4. All the choices are correct. 2.The information systems function is equally as important to business success as the function of _______________. 1. accounting 2. operations management 3. human resources management 4. All the choices are correct. 3.All the following are examples of an information system, except: 1. A day planner 2. A cash register 3. A group of marbles in a box 4. A paper-based accounting ledger 4.According to the textbook case, Welch's uses BI software from Oco to: XXXXX XXXXX their gasoline usage. 2. decide which products should be produced. 3. ensure that its carriers are shipping full truckloads to customers. 4. follow new competitive trends from its competitors. 5.All of the following are good examples of information except: 1. The social security number of the company's forklift operator 2. The retail price of blue widgets 3. How much the company owes to vender number 17 4. The numbers(NNN) NNN-NNNN 349875, and 340977


6.According to the Real World case about the New York Times, the newspaper industry is in very deep trouble. What has become most important to them?

1. Business model innovation
2. Internet connectivity
3. Technological innovation
4. Communication initiatives

7.According to the textbook case, the Oco BI software used by Welch's:

1. increases the number of deliveries made on Fridays.
2. assures that most deliveries are not made on Fridays.
3. assures that most deliveries are made on Fridays
4. helps them even out the number of delivery trucks used each day of the week.

8.All of the following are primary business processes, except:

1. Customer relationship management
2. Targeted marketing
3. Technology development
4. Just-in-time warehousing

9.Tacit knowledge deals with:

1. Data, documents, and things written down or stored on computers.
2. "How-to" knowledge, which resides in workers.
3. Using data mining techniques to capture external information.
4. None of the choices are correct.

10.The value chain framework can be used to view a firm as a series, a chain, or a network of basic activities that:

1. Add value to its products and services, and thus add a margin of value to the firm.
2. Lower costs along the product development chain.
3. Create the perception of value and goodwill to employees.
4. Create a smooth-flowing chain of events between the supplier and the customer.

11.A company that places a strategic focus on customer value recognizes that __________, rather than __________, has become a primary determinant in a customer's perception of value.

1. service, price
2. price, quality
3. quality, service
4. quality, price.

12.According to the textbook case, innovation in information systems at Universal Orlando comes from thinking like a:

1. Customer
2. Competitor
3. Employee
4. IT specialist

13.The practice of becoming the largest purchaser of products from a given supplier is an example of:

1. Cost leadership
2. Growth strategies
3. Differentiation
4. Locking in the supplier

14.Continuous speech recognition systems:

1. Compare speech patterns to a dictionary
2. Allow a computer to understand a few words from a voice it has never heard before
3. Require users to pause between each spoken word
4. Recognize conversationally paced speech

15.Smart card technology:

1. Allows debit cards to store a cash balance on a card and electronically transfer some of it to others to pay for items and services
2. Is not yet available in the United States
3. Is commonly used by banks to read and process checks
4. All of the choices are correct.


16.The second generation of computers relied on _______________.

1. miniaturized circuits
2. transistors
3. vacuum tubes
4. punch cards

17.Data are processed and stored in a computer system through the presence or absence of electronic or magnetic signals to the computer. This is called a "binary" representation of data, because the computer and the media can exhibit only _______________ states or conditions.

1. two
2. three
3. five
4. ten

18.Which of the following would perform the required mathematical and logic operations of a central processing unit (CPU)?

1. Control unit
2. Arithmetic-logic unit
3. RAID unit
4. Fuzzy logic unit

19.Speaker dependent voice recognition systems:

1. Compare speech patterns to a dictionary
2. Allow a computer to understand a few words from a voice it has never heard before
3. Require users to pause between each spoken word
4. All of the choices are correct.

20.Software is considered the _______________ part of the computer, whereas the hardware is considered the _______________ part.

1. expensive, inexpensive
2. inexpensive, expensive
3. variable, invariable
4. invariable, variable

21.Presentation graphics have become more powerful in recent years and can now:

1. Calculate formulas for business planning
2. Enable collaboration within teams
3. Organize appointments and calendars
4. Prepare graphics and presentations for transfer to Web sites in HTML format

22.According to the text, e-mail:

1. Is a fad that will soon disappear
2. Will be replaced by instant messaging
3. Works best in cloud computing
4. Has changed the way people work and communicate

23.Which of the following are considered application software packages?

1. Word processing programs
2. Operating systems
3. System utilities
4. System development programs

24.Which of the following statements is applicable to the Java programming language?

1. It is a page description language that creates hypertext or hypermedia documents
2. It inserts control codes within a document that create links to other parts of the document or to other documents anywhere on the World Wide Web
3. It embeds control codes in the ASCII text of a document, which designates titles, headings, graphics, and multimedia components, as well as hyperlinks within
the document
4. It consists of small application programs called applets that can be executed by any computer and any operating system anywhere in a network

25.According to the Real World Case, GE spends $150 million each year to purchase all of its desktop and laptop computers from how many vendors?

1. Two
2. One
3. Ten
4. Nobody is certain

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