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My last modification to this program is to do the following.

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My last modification to this program is to do the following.

• The application will now compare the total annual compensation of at least two salespersons.

• It will calculate the additional amount of sales that each salesperson must achieve to match or exceed the higher of the two earners.

• The application should ask for the name of each salesperson being compared.

The Java™ application should also meet these technical requirements:

• The application should have at least one class, in addition to the application’s controlling class.
• The source code must demonstrate the use of Array or ArrayList.
• There should be proper documentation in the source code..

I exhausted so much time trying to make right my code from the other assignment that I haven't had as much time to study and am even more lost on this assignment. I am looking over your other answer now to see where I went wrong now. Your help is appreciated. I have to ask for more comments on this one so I can see what is going on with the unusual statements. Statements using dot operators, assignment statements, and such give me the most trouble. Some of the basics are starting to stick with me mentally now that I have really read and reread a lot of material on it as well as struggled with getting code to pass correctly.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Ok, here is the code I have thus far from previous assignments along the same path.


* To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
* and open the template in the editor.
package totalcomp;

import java.util.Scanner;

* @author 7
public class TotalComp {

public static void main(String[] args) {

Employee.SalesTarget = 120000;
Employee.FixedSalary = 100000;
Employee.CommissionRate = 0.05;
Employee.IncentiveCutoffRate = 0.80;
Employee.AccelerationFactor = 1.25;

//Declare the use of a scanner object to grab user input.
//Creates an instance of scanner
Scanner input = new Scanner(;
Employee employee = new Employee(); //create new employee

System.out.print("Please enter Sales Person's first and last name: ");

System.out.print("Please enter total sales amount for the year:");

double originalSales = employee.getTotalSales();
double potSales = originalSales;
System.out.println("Total Sales\t\tTotal Compensation");

while (potSales <= originalSales * 1.5) {
System.out.println(potSales + "\t\t" + employee.getTotalCompensation());
potSales += 5000;



* To change this template, choose Tools | Templates
* and open the template in the editor.
package totalcomp;

* @author 7
public class Employee {

// variables private to a sales person
private String employeeName;
private double totalSales, commission, totalCompensation;
// variables common to all sales person are static
public static double SalesTarget, FixedSalary, CommissionRate, IncentiveCutoffRate, AccelerationFactor;

public void setEmployeeName(String employeeName) {
this.employeeName = employeeName;

public String getEmployeeName() {
return employeeName;

public void setTotalSales(double totalSales) {
this.totalSales = totalSales;

public double getTotalSales() {
return totalSales;

public double getCommission() {
double incentiveCutoff = IncentiveCutoffRate * FixedSalary;
if (totalSales < incentiveCutoff) {
commission = 0;
} else if (totalSales <= SalesTarget){
commission = CommissionRate * totalSales;
} else{
commission = AccelerationFactor * CommissionRate * totalSales;
return commission;

public double getTotalCompensation(){
totalCompensation = FixedSalary + getCommission();
return totalCompensation;


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