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I need a raptor program that does the following. Problem:

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I need a raptor program that does the following.

Problem: Write a program that calculates income taxes based on the following table (borrowed from Programming Problems #5 on page 162):

Taxable income Tax due
$0 – $50,000 $0 + 5% of amount over $0
$50,000 - $100,000 $2,500 + 7% of amount over $50,000
$100,000 ~ $6,000 + 9% of amount over $100,000

The program should allow the user to do the calculations repeatedly, and should exit if the user enters a negative number for taxable income.

Note that the program does not need to do error checking for a valid number.

Submission: You should submit this assignment to Assignment Folder. Click the Assignment Folder menu on the left side, and click the link Assignment #3: A tax calculator. To submit, you need to attach the following two files:
 A text file, either in .docx format or in .txt format, that contains the pseudocode program and testing (the problem analysis and the program design are given to you at the end of this file). For testing, give one example for each of the following:
1) For an income in the range of 0-50,000, does the program calculate the tax amount correctly?
2) For an income in the range of 50,000-100,000, does the program calculate the tax amount correctly?
3) For an income above100,000, does the program calculate the tax amount correctly?
4) Does the program exit on a negative number?

 The Raptor program.

Documentation & Coding style: Here’s a list of things I’ll be looking for in your pseudocode:
• Have a head comment at the top of the pseudocode list that includes assignment number and title, author name, and a short description of what the program does.
• Use step comments to describe and delimit sections of code that have different functional purposes. But do not comment excessively.

• Use blank lines to separate sections of code.
• Use descriptive names for variables.

• Use consistent indentation to show the structure of the program. The statements within a selection branch should be indented further, preferably by 3-4 spaces. The statements within a loop body should be indented further, preferably by 3-4 spaces.

Grading criteria:
 Pseudocode and Raptor program: 70 points
 The program should calculate the tax amount correctly.
 The program should echo back the amount of income together with the tax amount.
 The program should allow the user to do the calculations repeatedly and exit when the user enters a negative number.

 Conforming to coding style and documentation requirements: 20 points
 Program testing: 10 points

Problem Analysis: (Note that you’re NOT restricted to use the variable names given below)
The input:
 Taxable income, Income (Float variable)

The output:
 Tax amount due, Tax (Float variable)

The process:
This is a good application for the sentinel-controlled loop pattern. A negative number is XXXXX as a sentinel.

The formulas to calculate taxes will be left for you to figure out.

Program Design:
You’re required to write two subprograms for this assignment:
1) A subprogram that imports the amount of income from main, and calculates and exports back to main the tax amount due. (Note that tax amount shouldn’t be displayed within this subprogram.) You need to use a nested If statement to handle three cases that require different calculations.
2) A subprogram that imports the amount of income and the amount of tax due from main, and displays them to the user.

The main program should use a sentinel-controlled loop. It should call the first subprogram to calculate the tax amount, and call the second subprogram to display the results to the user.

Do not include error checking for valid numbers in this assignment. Assume that the user always input a valid number. It may be positive, 0 or negative, and a negative number is XXXXX to end the program.

Implementation in Raptor:
 Use the Intermediate mode.
 The statements in the loop should be the same as in the pseudocode, but the condition in the diamond symbol should be the reverse of the condition on the While line in the pseudocode.

Optional Information:
Language (or Software): Other
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