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1. Ensuring that a defendant receives a fair trial and retains

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1. Ensuring that a defendant receives a fair trial and retains his or her constitutional rights is the primary
ethical responsibility of the
A. prosecutor.
B. judge.
C. defense attorney.
D. advocate.
2. Exculpatory evidence does not need to be divulged to
A. the prosecution.
B. the defense.
C. a grand jury.
D. the judge.
3. Which of the following statements regarding judicial behavior is true?
A. Judges have the least discretion in interpreting the law and deciding sentences.
B. A judge has no duty to conclude judicial processing with reasonable punctuality.
C. The judiciary doesn't have its own code of ethics.
D. The primary theme of judicial ethics is impartiality.
4. If the client tells the attorney where the murder weapon is and the attorney goes to check, the attorney
must then
A. offer the weapon to the police.
B. tell the judge only but not the police.
C. return the weapon to the client and ask him or her not to display the object again.
D. do nothing.
5. A lawyer's promise to maintain confidentiality may be broken if
A. the lawyer is talking to another lawyer.
B. the information is a matter of public knowledge.
C. a crime is being committed.
D. the senior partner of his or her firm demands it.
6. Ethics rules prohibit an attorney from representing a client at a trial when the attorney
A. is related to the client.
B. has other clients with similar issues.
C. will be called as a witness.
D. has a financial stake in the outcome of the trial.
7. Which of the following statements is true regarding conflict of interest?
A. As long as attorneys can handle themselves professionally, they can represent clients who may have interests that conflict with
their own.
B. Lawyers can accept clients with conflicting interests as long as they follow the Model Rules.
C. Defense attorneys can't represent co-defendants in criminal actions.
D. Lawyers have no conflict-of-interest rules.
8. Burying an opposing counsel in frivolous discovery paperwork is a violation of ABA Model Rule
A. 1.4 Communication.
B. 1.3 Due Diligence.
C. 3.3 Candor Toward the Tribunal.
D. 3.4 Fairness to Opposing Party and Counsel.
9. During a court case, it was determined that both the litigants and their attorneys had made contributions
to the judge's election campaign. It was therefore ethically essential that the
A. attorney resign from the case.
B. attorneys for the litigants demand the judge recuse himself.
C. judge recuse himself no matter what.
D. judge recuse himself if he found that the donations hindered his ability to be impartial.
10. Judges attain office via three methods in the United States. They include all the following except
A. appointment.
B. election.
C. merit promotion.
D. seniority.
11. Which of the following statements applies to the judicial process?
A. A prosecutor can communicate with a defendant outside the presence of the defendant's attorney.
B. Specific rules exist concerning when a prosecutor and a judge can discuss an ongoing case without the presence of a defense
C. If the defense files a motion requesting pertinent evidence, a prosecutor must hand it over.
D. A prosecutor should never take steps to avoid allowing false testimony on the stand.
12. Which of the following statements applies to lawyer-client confidentiality?
A. A lawyer can ethically reveal client confidences when disclosure is required by law or court order.
B. A lawyer can ethically reveal client confidences when learning, after the fact, that the client lied on previous testimony to the
C. A lawyer can't ethically reveal client confidences even if the client consents.
D. A lawyer can't ethically reveal client confidences for self-defense against an accusation of wrongful conduct.
13. Frivolous legal claims are those that
A. aren't winnable.
B. don't have merit.
C. call for the reversal of existing law.
D. have a great amount of arguable issues.
14. The primary theme of _______ ethics is impartiality.
A. judicial
B. defense-lawyer
C. utilitarian
D. prosecutorial
15. The American Bar Association recommends all attorneys provide at least _______ hours of pro bono
representation each year.
A. 40
B. 100
C. 140
D. 50
16. A lawyer can ethically reveal the confidences of a client when the
A. client consents.
B. lawyer is convinced the information will help his client's case.
C. lawyer discovers the client lied on the stand.
D. lawyer must share the information with the prosecutor during a plea bargaining.
17. Not representing a co-defendant in a burglary charge is part of which ethical consideration?
A. Perjury
B. Lawyer-client confidentiality
C. Conflict of interest
D. Zealous representation of client
18. Which of the following statements regarding the action of prosecutors is true?
A. A prosecutor must seek justice, not merely a conviction.
B. A prosecutor has no duty to the public as a representative of the state.
C. A prosecutor is allowed to pursue charges when there's no probable cause.
D. A prosecutor is allowed much less discreti
Hi Scarlet,

I would be happy to furnish you with the answers to these questions. However first would you please take a look at the work I have provided to you previously:

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The fist link you sent for some reason I can not open

Here are the links again:
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok responded to the first link you sent and the second link has only 5 answers
Thanks - I am glad to answer these questions. What is your deadline?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
By the end of day uf thats ok last exam I failed so I would like to compare answers when
Not a problem. I shall post your answers in about 2 hours
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Ok thank you
My pleasure

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