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true/false 1.The Patton decision allowed a defendant to waive

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1.The Patton decision allowed a defendant to waive his or her right to a trail by jury.
2.Technically the only peace officers of the US government are FBI officers
3.Once the court has accepted a guilty plea it may not be withdrawn
4.A court trail is considered to have begun when the first witness has been sworn.
5. A trail by judge is referred to as a jury trail
6.The statute of limitations places a limit on the time in which the prosecutive action must be started after the crime has been committed.
Choose the best answer
7.Which statement below is correct regarding a complaint?
It contains the charge against the accused
it is a comparatively simple document
it is often referred to as an accusatory pleading
all of the above statements are correct
8.Which statement below is correct regarding bail?
Under common law bail was generally approved in capital cases
the original purpose of bail was to ensure the presence of the accused at trail
bail is currntly used as a form of punishment
all of the above statement are correct
9. The US Supreme Court has held that a jury may not be composed of fewer than___persons.
10. Which of the following are exceptions of the Forth Amendment?
consent to search
evidence in plain open fields
all of the above
11.If a request for continuance is made whether it is granted or not is at the discretion of the
appellate court
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

For Eric M

These did not answer any of my questions. Can you send them in microsoft word.


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